Benny Hinn Says Aborted Baby Pictures Fake?

(This is a street report from a prolifer who participated in the “Show the Truth Tour” withMissionaries to the Preborn based in Milwaukee, WI. The Show the Truth Tour visits cities and towns throughout the U.S. to show the sleeping church and nation, the horrors of abortions.)

Because of my busy schedule I was unable to spend a lot of time with Missionaries to the Preborn, but I did meet them twice in the field driving my van with anti-abortion signs taped to the sides.

The first time was Tuesday at 8 Mile and Southfield; the second was yesterday evening at Joe Louis Arena, where Benny Hinn was holding a crusade.

Approximately 70 Christians, about half of whom were teenagers, children, or young adults, were stretched out over a half mile or so along 8 Mile Rd. holding large pictures of aborted babies and other messages. Several were also involved in passing out literature to cars stopped for red lights. How inspiring to see young people, especially, who think unborn children are worth standing up for.

Joining them for dinner that night at the church in Warren (where they stayed while in town) I found at least 8 different churches from 6 different states were represented by the missionaries on this tour.

The Missionaries were not picketing Benny Hinn per se, but were trying to motivate Christians to get involved in fighting the abortion holocaust. For this purpose a large quantity of brochures were passed out at Joe Louis Arena.

I was told that two young ladies traveling with the team went inside and heard an announcement over the PA system disassociating Benny Hinn’s ministry from the group outside, instructing the audience to throw away any brochures they may have received, and claiming that the aborted baby pictures were “fake.”

I can’t say with certainty who authorized the announcement, but it would make sense that it would have been approved by Benny Hinn, as it was his crusade.