Declaration of support

Chuck Spingola
Unashamed & Associates
“Let the victors, when they come when the forts of folly fall, find my body near the wall”
Rev. Donald Spitz
Director, Pro-Life Virginia
Comment: James Kopp stopped Babykilling abortionist Barnett Slepian from murdering any more helpless babies. For this reason I believe James Kopp is a true American hero.
Steve Wetzel
Director, Missionaries to the UNBORN
Comment: The final chapter to this saga has yet to be written. Can we not rush to judgment till then?
Joe Pavone
Senior Accountant, Cranford, NJ
Comment: God bless Jim Kopp for his courage, and may the Lord Jesus honor Jim’s act of heroism in defense of the little ones. Matthew 18:10,14
Robert Ferguson
Comment: If James Kopp actually shot baby killer Slepian- he did NOT violate the sixth commandment “Thou shall not Murder.” or “kill” as the intent was to *prevent* future innocent humans from imminent death.. The word “kill” (ratsach) in the Sixth Commandment is never used in the context that stopped abortionist Slepian from killing additional innocent humans.
Justifiable homicide is a legitimate spiritual practice and is a “reasonable worship/service” for those presenting their bodies a living sacrifice as earnestly requested of Christians in Romans 12:1-2 Saving an innocent life from an unjust aggressor is a good, honorable and Godly thing. Laws which allow one man to defend himself against another, even with lethal force should be honored and applied to these men (and women) of valor as they stem from the truth of God’s word.
Earnie T. Millthorn
Comment: “Bloodshed begets bloodshed.” The butchers and those who support baby- murder should remain aware that, “what goes around, comes around.”
Stuart Bensch
Blackwell, Oklahoma
Comment: The evidence still doesn’t match! I believe Kopp is confessing a crime he didn’t commit to turn attention away from himself and toward the unborn. It’s an act of great selflessness and great stupidity. I believe that his “confession” was the wrong thing to do, but I stand behind him anyway.
Thomas Kane
Comment: To tolerate a man who routinely murdered innocent babies everyday, and then to shout “foul play!” when he is on the receiving end, smacks of double standards and even insanity.
Douglas Morgan Johnson Linda Wolfe
Adrian Horien
Rockford, IL
Comment: Jim Kopp did what the civil magistrates have refused to do all along. Now these magistrates stand in God’s judgment for calling “evil good and good evil”, bringing the sword against the workers of righteousness and rewarding the doers of evil.
Ken McKee
Comment: When someone murders a newborn child we bring the killer to justice. This same justice must be used towards those who murder preborn children. Abortion is murder! Jim Kopp saved lives by executing the abortionist Slepian.
Arturo Benedetti
Comment: As a brother Roman Catholic and Pro-Life activist, I offer you my prayers and support during these, your hours of need. As hundreds of millions of Post Conceived Human Beings have been slaughtered by various DEMONIC and most EVIL of sacrifices, we Christians and most specifically, we Roman Catholic Christians MUST stand with our creator Jesus Christ and defend all life.   I pray that you are found innocent in our Earthly courts of law, as I pray you will be in the Most Holy Court of Law by Jesus Christ who judges all our eternities”
Bob Carroll
Buffalo NY
Comment: Not until God fearing & God Loving people stand up and fight for what is right, Will this world be safe for one child. The evil ones have no problem voicing their views and getting their way, because too many of God’s people are afraid to stand up for what is right. YOU NEED TO KNOW THERE ARE MORE OF US THEN OF THEM. WHO CAN STAND AGAINST GOD AND WIN? NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.
Jonathan O’Toole
Kansas City, Missouri
Comment: James Kopp did what our elected governing representatives have failed to do: protect the lives of unborn babies with the least amount of necessary force. God bless James Kopp.
Comment: GOD BLESS YOU!!!  May you know true freedom that comes from the Lord, even though men have tried to take it from you for doing what is righteous in God’s eyes.  On behalf of all the children who are alive today because of your actions, thank you.
John Brockhoeft
Author of The Brockhoeft Report
Kathy Kuhns
Comment: “Tell Jim that he is loved and supported and being showered with prayers.”
Erick Eggleton
Comment: Slepian thought that he could escape justice forever, but you proved him wrong Brother Kopp. May the same fate befall all who slaughter innocent children if they will not repent.
Joshua Graff
Former Prisoner of Christ

Comment: “We must stand together in defiance of slaughter and in defense of both innocence and those who defend the innocent.”
Marjorie Reed
Former Prisoner of Christ
Comment: He did a noble thing.
Bob Lokey
Comment: Jim Kopp is a hero who deserves a Medal of Honor
Kathy McGill
Rev. Michael Bray
Reformation Lutheran Church
Rob Shaw
New York
Jonathon Eagle Killian
Buffalo, NY
Comment: If more people were to rise up and pursue these murderers as you have, we could finally put an end to this tragedy in America.
Esther Erickson
Comment: I pray that our country and every country turns from this sin of killing innocent unborn humans.
Eddie GarciaLaura GarciaSusie Moore

Mike Moore

Keegen Moore

Audie Moore

Erin Moore

Norma Garcia

Baldemar Garcia

Rudy Garcia

Amanda Garcia

Rudy Garcia JR

Isaac Garcia

Volant, PA
Comment: My prayers are with you and may God bless you for your faith.Stephen P. Sparks
Comment: I commend any man or woman who will sacrifice their own life or time in prison for the life of an unborn child.
Veronica Kull
Huntingdon Valley, PA

Alexandra Pohlman
Colorado Springs, CO

Baby Grace
(former Lamb)

Clara Davis
Fillmore, Ca
Comment: I support the defenders of the faith.  We must continue to support innocent pre-born and the mothers who have died from abortion.

Pastor Wiley Drake
Crusade Radio
Comment: The price of blood is high. Some will pay high, and some will pay low, but pay, we all will for the 40 million babies we have killed. God bless you my  brother as you serve Him, and His little ones.
Tony Bunn
Brick, NJ
Comment: All James Kopp did was defend the defenseless; help the helpless.  Even though his method may be against the fifth comandment of God, he still should be forgiven and supported.  He may have taken one life but saved hundreds, perhaps thousands of others.
Sean Thomas
Orange Beach, AL
Comments: I wholeheartedly agree. While politicians exploit the topic for mere votes, we must stand firm to protect the pre-born as well as recognize those who themselves have sacrificed to save God’s most holy gift. This is especially vital in a climate where political expediency sometimes overpowers the truth in our courts.
Oklahoma City, OK
Comment: Hi, I’d like to add my name to your list of faithful pro-lifers. I am single, divorced mother and avid warrior in the army to protect the unborn. I’m an only child as a result of numerous abortions that my mother had. I have no family to speak of except for my own children, and I’m raising them in such a way to value life and work towards an abortion-free society. One day I know I’ll meet my brothers and sisters in Heaven, but until that great day I know it is my duty on Earth to do everything possible to stop the slaughter of the innocents. Thank you for this opportunity.
Thomas P. Quinn
Hemlock, NY
Comments: I believe that Amerika is still a “nation state” that allows a certain amount of free speech, at least on the WWW. Many people have ideas and thoughts on abortion rights and the “right to life” but all I have to say is “WHAT ABOUT THE BABIES!!!!!!”  God bless James Kopp!