The Word of God to the Prophets of America

On June 16, 1996, I Noah received the following word of the Lord to the prophets of America. Thus does the Lord say,

“Hear Me now, all you that I have called to prophesy to America; I called you and sent you forth in order to prophesy to America; I called you and sent you forth in order to prophesy my judgments on this nation of wickedness, and such great darkness of evil sinfulness. I sent you forth in your order from the first, to this, the last of you, Jonah ben Noah, mercy son of Destruction that comes, to warn this nation to turn and repent of the evil I intended on them. He was Jonah in the beginning for the mercy I offered, but is now called Noah for the destruction I send over this nation. Even as I spoke through each of you, so is it now to come to pass, and you are, each of you called to fulfill the Vision of Destruction for America. You were all walking together in a line, (line upon line) and it mattered not who was in front, or in the middle, or in back, for you all were servants of God, and also of one another.. You are to fulfill this prophecy if you are my prophets, for I have somewhat against some among you who began in humble service and obedience, and went to pride, arrogance, and self-glorying and exaltation of yourself, rather exalting Me, the Lord your God: Did you make yourselves prophets? (Some have, but they are as nothing.) Did you fill yourselves with My Spirit and power? Was it by your wisdom and knowledge that you knew what to prophesy, or was it revealed to you by My will and knowledge? Have I commanded you to set yourselves up as kings and tyrannical rulers, or to be examples of humble and obedient servants of love? Some of you have become as Balaam to sell yourselves and the Word I gave you freely, for money and self-glory. Will you sell that which is not yours, but Mine? Will you seek to exalt and glorify yourselves in the power, gifts and presence of My Spirit, rather than to give all the honor and glory to Me?

Because you began in willing humble service to Me, and because you began to do so in love, I show mercy to you now, if you will take two steps; the first step is to humble yourselves and confess the sin of your pride, and self-glory, as you repent, the second is to return to being centered in My love and compassion; for the purpose of all of you was so I could show My love and merciful compassion on this nation, but as they would not receive it, (though they could have) I must balance all out with judgment destruction. Noah is the final prophet and messenger of you all, as you all knew there would one day be a final and last messenger before I performed all I had spoken by each of you, so it is now. He is not higher or lower, greater or lesser, he is as you are – just one of the many I have sent. There be among you who call yourselves major and others minor, or you are greater and they are lesser – you are deceived by your own pride and by the evil one of pride. So did he fall through just such self-glorying. Will you also fall through glorying in yourself, instead of in God who called and sent you? I call you to repent NOW! As prophets you know what I mean by now, even where you stand, go to your knees before Me in sorrow for your errors, or I shall fulfill Matthew 7:21-23 and blot you out of My book for your pride and self-willed glorying in yourselves. Those of you who became discouraged and angry at Me for the trials and testings that I granted you, to make you strong and mighty in Me, wherefore would you question and rail against your Maker? All things were to work for your good, except for your misperceptions. Who are you to question the Almighty, and to rail in anger at your lack of understanding? Are you God? Was it you who spoke all things into being? Has it been by your might and power of love, that keeps and moves all things at your will? Will that which is formed say to Him who formed it, “What do you think you are doing?” I do not think what I am doing, I know what I am doing, yea, and have done, and finished already, for I am the Lord your God, the beginning and the end. Therefore you too must repent of your presumption in forgetting your place. This wisdom and knowledge you have, is Mine, given to you by Me, and from Me. Repent in sorrow for forgetting this. You have exalted yourselves in the sight of men to receive their praise and honor, you have received your reward. The praise and honor of heaven, and My kingdom, would have been better. I call you to repent, and get in line with the others, receiving them, and being received humbly, as fellow servants. You are not high and mighty, But the foundation stones with the apostles, Christ Jesus being chief Apostle and prophet, and the cornerstone of you all. The foundation is on the bottom, and all rests on it.

Those of you who have kept a balanced walk and faithfully done the work glorifying God and Christ, I commend. Continue together to do so, and you shall receive your crown of glory. Come together now, for the time comes that you must witness what you have done, that you may so testify on that day. Those who refuse this My call of mercy to them, shall be cut off from My Spirit, My power, My love and mercy; and shall be cast out as reprobate for their stubbornness and pride. As I offered them mercy, so I now offer you. Repent, and be received again in Jesus’ holy name, says the voice of the Lord God Almighty.”

This is the Word of the Lord at my mouth to all my fellow prophets, and fellow laborers in the Work. I am now Noah, so you know the door will soon be shut to those who didn’t hear. Pray for me my brothers, as I will for you, till I join you in my place at the end of the line. For you prophetesses, I am allowed only to say this much, you know, and knew at the time, what you were doing, and when I began to write it, the Lord said write it not, for they knew what they did, and are doing. You know what is meant! That is all I am allowed to say, except, “Repent, and return!” Prepare to witness and judge my brothers and sisters, and to reap a harvest for the kingdom in the midst of great destruction, for I have received the prophecy for the end of America. May God’s assurance of peace be with you in Jesus’ name I pray. Whoever reads or hears this by the command of the Lord you are now set as Baruch in Jeremiah 36. If you know other prophets, share this with them. Feel free to copy this or if you desire copies, write or call us.

Your servant for Christ’s sake,