Rescue America

Dear Pro-Life Friends:

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!

Dr. James Dobson, Paul Wyrich, Jerry Falwell and other Christian leaders have been throwing up their hands in disgust at the direction America is heading. They now realize that the answer is not in politics. The Republican Party will drive America to the brink of destruction along with the Democratic Party – just not as fast. Each day the leadership of the Republicans are being over run with to same type of people that run the Democrats. Abortion, homosexuality, pornography and all other types of evil must be tolerated, just so the economy moves ahead.

Many Christian leaders wonder what is the answer to America’s ills. Are we doomed to become a third world nation in our lifetime? Will America fall like the other great world powers of Rome and Greece, falling into sexual immorality which weakens the infrastructure of a country. As a country plays sexually, a country falls dramatically.

Each year this country has a day of prayer in which leaders of this country, church leaders, and lay people pray that America will be saved and will regain its once Godly position in the World. The fact is each Sunday millions upon millions pray in America’s churches for a true revival of purity to restore our land.

Our churches are full of people praying. The problem is, those that are praying are not listening. At least they’re not listening to what God has to say. God is yelling at us to revive our own land – to put feet to our prayers and move those feet out into the market place. America will return to God when God returns to America. And God will only return to America when Christians return to God and do His will.

God has given us the solution to the evils that plague America. When we obey God and move in his light, God will continue to give us the commands to do His will. The proper way to advance in God is to move forward. He will open doors for us to continue our move forward. He may close doors on one part, but He will open more doors in another area. The trick is to pray that we will always discern what God is saying and to move accordingly.

The feet to prayer I am talking about is what I call Christian Activism. What makes up a Christian Activist? These are some of the attributes of someone who is a very active Christian:

1. Someone who has a deep love of Jesus and the triune Godhead. They are people of deep prayer. Prayer that is directed toward God but with the intentions of others in mind.

2. Someone that has a deep love toward all mankind. Not only friends and those that are lovable but also toward those that treat them wrong and those that aren’t so lovable. Perhaps to love even those that are the least in the kingdom of heaven. Active Christians aren’t afraid to put their faith out into the market place. To stand up for their beliefs and for their love for Jesus. Not only in word but also in deed. To put their faith to the test and to tell others of their love of Jesus and His love for them.

4. True Christians will not compromise on truth. They will stand up to evil and those bound by such evil. Christians that although scorned, belittled, and made fun of, will stand their ground and press on to the mark.

5. Christians that love their country and demand the highest principles from their elected officials. That take part in the political process to make their country subject to Christian beliefs.

6. Christians that live their faith, not only talk about it. Ones are true examples of Christian love and compassion.

7. Christians that stand against the evils that are pressing in to destroy this and other countries. Example: abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, homosexuality, pornography, etc.

8. Christians that defend, with their own lives if necessary, those being led to their slaughter. As an example: the unborn, the Partial born and the infirmed and elderly.

9-100 Here you can add your own definitions of what it means to be an active Christian.

The time for prayer with the responding action must begin. The time for eloquent speeches from the pulpits of America must have active solutions behind them or they are just the sounds of tinkering brass.

I have said this before. It is not just the unborn that we defend, we defend your children and grandchildren from the wiles of the evil one. If the killing of the unborn continues without the responding Christian action, your children and grandchildren will suffer the consequences. If the Church of Jesus Christ doesn’t stand up now, IT WILL BE DESTROYED. Only a remnant will remain, those that will endure the attacks of the devil and continue with the work of the Lord.

Please copy this work and give it to your church friends and loved ones. Revival will only start when we obey the commands of God. Prayer and action must be our motto as we come into this summer season.

Love for Life,

Ed Martin


All eyes are turned on Kosovo. The Serbs have been accused of killing ethnic Albanians by the thousands. Bill Clinton and his allies at NATO have declared war on Serbia and continue to bomb and destroy parts of that country in order to stop the ethnic cleansing.

But at the same time Bill is declaring war on Serbia,

his wife Hillary had declared war on another class of ethnic people, the unborn. This time the queen of ethnic cleansing was driving her message of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia throughout the African and middle east countries. And she was highlighting her efforts of ethnic cleansing with our government check book. You kill your children or you won’t get a dime from America, was her baffle cry.

She and Chelsea looked so sweet standing at different holy places in those countries. But it was a different story when she visited her holy places, abortion miss and family planning clinics. Handing out American checks so that these places could kill children. Insisting that Muslim countries change their religious beliefs to permit abortion and birth control. He message was change your beliefs or no more American money.

Even in America, this Queen of killing wants to spend our hard earned money to protect the high holy places of child sacrifice. She is demanding 4.5 million to protect abortion mills from the evil attacks of pro-lifers. Her ultimate goal is to change our Christian beliefs to accept abortion and the other evils. To change the Ten Commandments from Thou shall not kill (do murder), to kill only whom we say is good to kill.


Doctor Death, Jack Kervorkian, has been sentenced to years in jail for killing another human being. He could be out in seven years. Praise God that a judge did not back down to public opinion and did the right thing. She told him that he had a total disregard for the law and that he felt no one could stop him. “Well consider yourself stopped” were her exact words.

He then declared a hunger strike, even unto death. The jail then changed their policy and said they would no longer force feed those that wanted to starve themselves. Promptly, Dr. Death canceled his starvation plan. It seems he is wiring to kill others but is not ready to commit suicide himself

Sadly, many millions of Americans consider Dr. Death a hero. Even Christians would be willing for someone to kill them to stop a little pain. No one wants to die in pain, especially intense pain, but it is wrong to hire someone to end our lives. My mother-in-law died in very severe pain from cancer but we were able to administer strong drugs to stop her pain. Suffering is a process of life most must endure. Today’s theology says we do not have to suffer. If there is pain just end your life and be done with it. But that is not God’s way. He and only He can take a human life, and He will give us comfort throughout this pain.


The Newspapers declared Buffalo, New York a city under siege. Under intense pressure from the baby killers, Janet of Waco, the government of New York, city and county government swore that child sacrifice would continue in that city. Armies of Police swarmed the streets of Buffalo, Amhurst and Rochester, New York. U.S. Marshals, F.B.I., A.T.F., State Marshals, State troopers, State investigators, county police and city police marched down the streets of these city like armies. The death camps looked like prisons, the streets looked like an occupied land. Even the reporters outnumbered those that came to proclaim Jesus as Lord.

Why all the fuss? Well it seems that about 200 gentle Christians, mom’s and dad’s, grandma’s and grandpa’s and many young people came to that area to proclaim Jesus as Lord over Northwestern New York. They prayed, they humbled themselves before God, they sought His guidance in their lives and they begged Him to forgive them of their sins. Then as Flip Benham says “they made their theology become biography on the streets of America.”

The news print called it Operation Fizzle because there were no arrests. Christians did not have to block the doors of the death camps because the police did it for us. The fact is there were very few abortions done in Western New York that week. Many babies were saved by sidewalk counseling, many non-Christians were introduced into the Kingdom of Heaven by this army of gentle Christians.

Riots did not come to the area but Revival. And all the police in the world cannot stop a true revival when God ordains it. Janet of Waco, the governor of New York, the judge that put strict bounds on pro-lifers could not stop the Word of God from becoming real on the streets of these cities. God’s word was proclaimed by this small army of Christians at the death camps, at local high schools and in front of Barnes and Noble bookstores that sell Kiddy Porn.

The revival that came to that area was a replay of the one that played out on the streets in Western New York in 92. In 92 over a thousand of God’s people flooded the streets and the jails to save babies. Since then, abortions are down over half in the area. Buffalo had 6 abortion mills in 92, now it has two. Many pastors of the three cities stood with pro-life leaders from across America to witness for the truth. In 92 the revival began in this area and it continues through today.

Inspired pro-life ministers from across America held rallies each evening. Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, Revs.

Flip Benham and Rusty Thomas of Operation Rescue, National and Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue were among the speakers. Testimonies of babies saved and abortion mills, closed filled the air. The rallies were a great time to see old friends and make new ones.

Going to bed late and then getting up early (6 AM) was the daily schedule. The days were spent witnessing for the truth throughout the area. Holding signs of life and death at busy intersections, going to the high schools to proclaim the gospel of Life and Jesus, standing across from the death centers as the police did our job for us and going to Barnes and Noble to show how this national chain of book stores sells kiddy porn, that could not be sold in the area’s dirty bookstores, filled the days.

The highlight of the week was a solemn processional through the streets of Buffalo to city hall where we held a memorial service for all the unborn children that died in the area. As the service began the shrill screaming of the pro-aborts threatened to disrupt the service but as many prayers went up, they retreated and were silenced.

Most of the time the police were very professional and toward the end of the week many had made fiends with the prolifers. After seeing that we were continually getting lost, the police suggested instead of following us, they should lead the way and get us safely and in time to the events. One officer for Wyoming County, said we had to hurry to a high school or we would be late. He didn’t want us to miss even one student with the truth of abortion. As we were leaving an inner city school, a window opened up and a student held out one of our flyers and said he now understood about abortion and he thanked us for coming. I could go on for many pages to say all the wonderful things that happened.

My thanks to the leadership of Operation Rescue, National, Rescue Rochester, and Operation Save America for a job well done. I know God was well pleased and will further bless your work.

Do big events work, yes they do. I pray Operation Rescue and other pro-life groups continue to hold events like the one in Western New York. And I pray that pro-lifers from across the nation will attend these events. The press was there in force and for the most part the coverage was positive. Please, when we advertise a national event, try to be there.


The Bible says we will reap what we sow. For years America has sowed death and destruction to its young. Why then are we surprised when children begin to kill children. Even now more reports of copy cat groups in high schools and junior highs across America are beginning to surface. Sadly, more of a godless country.

When the news hit of the senseless killing in Littleton, CO., Christians were meeting in Buffalo. When prayers were lifted to heaven for the families of these children all the pro-lifers fell to their faces and began to truly cry out to God for forgiveness for our land. Again the next day in Rochester Christians, fell to their faces in the grass, pleading with God to save America. Wailing and crying were the norm in both services.

I could see the faces of the mom’s and dad’s of high school students in Littleton running through the school grounds searching for their children. As the T.V. cameras focused on their faces, you could see the horror in their eyes. How would we react if it were at Vanguard High School in Ocala, or Boone High School in Orlando, or the local high school in your area. How would we feel if our children or grandchildren or some child we loved attended a high school under siege.

Many of the children killed were Christians. When one of the killers asked a young girl if she was a Christian, she did not halter but answered yes. He promptly shot her in the head and she went to be with the Lord. Would we have that kind of faith.

Bill, Hillary, Al, Tipper and Janet can spend millions to protect our schools from this type of bloodshed. More police is not the answer. The answer is Jesus. In 1962 we kicked Jesus out of high schools across America. King Jesus was out

and king condom was in. The bible went out the window and every type of new age religion came in. Prayer to our Lord stopped and murder began. Drugs, sex and rock and roll became the god to our young people.

Babies were cut up in abortion mills throughout the nation and now teenagers are being cut up, blown up, and shot up in public schools. Christians, now is the time we must stand up as never before. Now is the time we must bring our message to the young people in our land. Jesus must be preached in every school in America, if they won’t let us in the doors, then we must bring this message to the streets in front of the schools. Revival must replace the blood bath in our children’s lives.

For years I have written that abortion will not affect us as much as it will affect our children and grandchildren. I hope and pray you can see this now.


I am not going to beg for money. Just suffice it to say that if we are to continue as we are, we must have your help. We pray for each of you and your families each day.