QUALITY TIME: What Does It Really Mean?

The phrase “quality time” is relatively new in our culture, and its rise to prominence deserves explanation. The term arises from the anti-child culture that began to accelerate with the mass removal of mothers from the home to the workplace. This drastic reduction of maternal time spent with one’s own children in the home has created a host of emotional problems, one of which is the rapid increase in homosexual activity.

The removal of the mother from the home to perform the male function of provider also blurs the line of demarcation between the sexes, humiliates the male, and causes general gender confusion.

To rationalize this loss of mothering, and the attendant reduction of the dignity and distinctiveness of the male role in the family, the phrase “quality time” has been developed. This phrase acknowledges that the children rarely see their parents these days, but tries to compensate for this fact by calling the brief time they do spend together “quality time.”

This pathetic rationalization for the breakdown of the family and the traditional division of labor between homemaker and home provider should not be allowed to disguise the reality that there is no substitute for a full-time mother in a child’s life.