A Moment of Silence Please

The latest school shooting has the secular pycho-babblers grasping for the same old, worn out answers. But let’s cut through all that and get right to the point.


The reason these tragedies are happening is there is no fear of the God in the land. Even from a secular point of view, the concepts of heaven and hell need to be taught – if only to give conscience to the person thinking of doing godless acts.

Hell is a huge deterrent. If one has the knowledge that there is an eternal place of punishment for people who do such things, they would be much less likely to do it. Unfortunately, our supreme court – in its arrogance – has determined that this fact can no longer be taught. And not even prayer or the mere mention God! Some states are seeking to do something about that though.

Today, prayer in school – or should I say “moment of silence” – is before many state legislatures. The problem is, we try to be all things to all people. I submit that prayer in school should be mandatory, and more than that – Christian prayer. The question we always get when prayer in school is mentioned is, “Well what if a person is an atheist, or a Moslem, or Hindu?” My answer? Tough! Bare it. This nation was founded on Christian principles and the Word of God. It was Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for our sins – not Mohammed. What has living under the atheist’s religion brought us in the last 30 years? Selfishness, irresponsibility, sodomy, rampant drug use, and 40 million dead babies. Quite a legacy, eh? What did living under Christian principles for the first 180+ years do for this nation? It raised it to the status of the greatest nation on the earth. We had favor with God at that time. We didn’t need cops in schools. Kids were not killing each other the way they are today. The kids had hope back then. Human life had worth. God was to be reverenced.

Yeah, we’ve come a long way baby.

Some might say I live in a dream world. Well maybe so, but I see everything in black and white. Let’s be bold and throw out this “moment of silence” nonsense, and say what we really mean – Mandatory Christian prayer in school. The heathen will rage, of course, but they always have and always will. Let’s stop worrying about THEY will say, and be more concerned for what GOD says!

Steve Wetzel