The Faith of a Child

A number of years ago, I was outside an abortion mill in St. Petersburg, FL. It was early afternoon and the local schools were just letting out.

As I stood outside the mill, a group of 5 or 6 children (12-14 years old) walked by. Upon seeing the abortion sign I use, they exclaimed,“Ooooo – what’s that?” I told them that this is what an abortion looks like. They replied, “Are they doing that in there?” – I replied, “Yes.”

On the spot they declared this mill a terrible place, and wanted to know what they could do to stop it. I, of course, invited them to come join me, and several said they would.

About 10 minutes later another group of 5-6 children walked by and the exact same thing happened. They were repulsed at what they doing in there, and pledged to come out and help.

A few minutes later, two black children (boys about 9 years old) came by. They were carrying big rocks in their hands. Again, “Ooooo – what’s that?” I told them they are killing babies in that place. They said, “There?” and proceeded to rear back to throw the rocks through the windows. I grabbed their arms and said they can’t do that. They then grabbed the sign out of my hand (and another on the ground) and with purpose, marched back and forth on the sidewalk. These children were absolutely incensed that babies were being killed in that abortion mill. A taxi pulled up to drop a girl off for an abortion , and they marched right up to the taxi, stuck the signs in the windows, and yelled, “Are you gonna do this – in there????”

I stood back in the wonder of it all. I thought to myself, “And a child shall lead them.”

But as in most things, this was not the only meaning the Lord had for this display of child-like faith and righteous anger. As I pondered what was happening, the Lord struck me with this thought:

What a rebuke to the Church. Here are children – that don’t even know the Lord, standing up for the unborn when His own people sit back and do nothing.

What a rebuke! It was one of those times when one moment you are cheering for the display of courage shown by children – and then punched in the stomach by the reality that they are living out what the church is supposed to.

Saints, we need to have that same kind of child-like faith and courage. For if we do not, God will call out a people who will.

Steve Wetzel