To Violence or Not to Violence

The Pro-Life Debate

A perspective on the use of physical violence
against the advocates of abortion.


Can a person be biblically correct,
and yet be spiritually wrong???

The study of the shedding of innocent blood, is not one that should be taken lightly. In doing so, you will get a rare glimpse into the strong emotions our Father in heaven exhibits in response to this pagan act – (Ezek. 16:43 / 22:13 / 6:9). In studying out this theme one has a tendency to experience the same grief God experiences. Jeremiah felt such grief and exasperation – (Jer. 15:16-17 / 6:10-11). An acute awareness of that which grieves the heart of God is acquired. This is a good thing. With apathy and complacency gripping the church in America, holy anger and indignation is something we are in dire need of.

"But let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am a the Lord, exercising, lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth … "

But at this point great care must be taken.

Though we may understand His judgments – and can feel the same as He – we are not God. He is omniscient; we are not. He knows how everything we work out; we do not. At best, we see through a glass darkly. Judgment and the meting out of punishment is not ours to render. It is His. More on this later.

On to the question originally posed:

Can a person be biblically correct, yet be spiritually wrong and miss the heart of God?

I can give you at least 22 scriptural examples where physical violence (killing another) was condoned – and even blessed! One has only to look at Phinehas, Elijah and Jehu, to see God blessing their killing of others. Even Moses’ killing of the Egyptian soldier, taken in light of Stephen’s address in Acts 8, puts a whole new spin on the account rendered in Exodus.

But all these great spiritual truths I thought I had uncovered, came crashing down with one simple question posed by Jonah ben Noah from Kalispell, Montana. He asked me

“Which is more powerful: The sword of man, or the Sword of the Spirit? – and which sword will yield the most lasting effects?”

CRASH! Being a Bible believing Christian, knowing it is the inspired Word of God, I knew that the Sword of the Spirit reigns supreme. It blew away all the great arguments I had in favor of bumping off abortionists! That one simple question changed my thinking forever.

I am going to step on toes with the upcoming comparisons, but they need to drawn nonetheless.

Which event did more to save unborn babies?

Michael Griffin
killing the abortionist Dr. Gunn,
Dr. Bernard Nathenson’s conversion
(co-founder of NARAL)?


Paul Hill’s killing
an abortionist and a deathscort
the conversion of Norma McCorvey
(the “ROE” of Roe vs. Wade)?

Which sword was more powerful – and which sword has brought the longest lasting effects?

Was it the love of Jesus Christ that won them – or the threat of death?

We all know what the answer is. The Sword of the Spirit cut out their stony hearts and replaced it with a new heart. They are now born-again Christians seeking to serve the SAME GOD we worship. And the effects of their conversions are still rippling through the pro-abortion community. Each time one of them take the platform, waves are sent afresh.

The Sword of the Spirit is the only weapon we are given, but it is all we need. With it, we can crush the enemies of Christ – and do something even more important … redeem their immortal souls. May we use His Sword faithfully, loving those who hate us and His babies, into the gates of His Kingdom. Amen.

Steve Wetzel