Let’s Hang Jim Kopp

While almost the entirety of the Prolife community is falling all over each other, trying to see who can condemn James Kopp best, MTTU NEWS will not.

We believe the final chapter to this story has not been written – and indeed may not be known till we are on the other side. There are too many questions that need to be answered.

Are we to believe that Jim Kopp simply picked abortionist Slepian out of a phone book? Kopp has been involved in prolife for many years. He knows who the worst baby-killers are.

Are we to believe that Kopp only intended to wound Slepian? With a rifle through glass? Shelley Shannon already tried that, and George Tiller is killing more babies now then ever.

Jim Kopp is not a stupid man. He understands what this case represents. It is a forum on American abortion. His changing of lawyers to a hardcore prolifer proves that. The tide of public opinion for generations could be changed with the revelation of what Slepian actually did for a living outside the lofty feministic garb the proabort clothe him with. The man was a butcher of babies – plain and simple.

I am still not convinced Kopp did it. Not that he wasn’t capable of it.

We know his new lawyer wants to make this case about abortion. If Kopp maintained innocence, the trial would be limited to whether he murdered Slepian or not. The judge would not allow Kopp’s lawyer to turn it to abortion. Now that Kopp has admitted to shooting the abortionist, the case is not IF he did it, but WHY he did it. Enter abortion –  and a judge would be hard pressed to not allow it – as it is his only defense now.

Jim Kopp may very well be sacrificing himself for the babies – claiming an act he did not commit. But isn’t that what he has always done? Sacrifice himself for unborn children?

Let the other prolife groups judge Kopp and condemn him. We will wait for the final chapter to be written.

Steve Wetzel