The Prisoners of Christ List has been removed.


The POC List originally came into being during the late 80’s when Christians were being arrested for peacefully protesting outside abortion clinics – also known as “rescues.” It was a reminder to Christians, that there were peaceful, harmless Christians (in the model of our Lord Jesus Christ) who were suffering in jail for saving of unborn children. These Christians were willing sacrifice themselves, so the unborn could live.

Since the demise of the rescue movement, the POC List became a list of those who were arrested for doing more than peaceful protest – which was not its original intent.

To be sure, there will be those who will be arrested for peaceful protest, but these individuals can be better served on MTTU.COM’s main page, which has much greater exposure then the POC List does.

Thank you for your past support of the POC’s.

Stephen Wetzel
Missionaries to the UNBORN