A letter from David Lane

Dear Brethren,

As you know my name is David A, Lane. I am 27 years old in this world, and four years old in the Kingdom. I am from a family of seven. I was born in Bedford, PA, and raised in the state of Maine. I was a rebel, and turned hippie at age 15 – smoking cigarettes, pot, and drinking as well. I dropped out of school in the 9th grade, and left for Florida when I turned 18. In Florida I continued to drink and smoke, and added to this a venture into the New Age movement. I was headed for trouble when I had my first encounter with Christ.

I was in a halfway house for theft, when I met a Christian who started to share Jesus with me. I learned that I could find true peace with Jesus. I accepted Jesus as my Saviour, but I didn’t know how to grow for a year or two. I continued to smoke pot, cigarettes, and occasionally drink. I did get completely out the New Age movement though, and have never returned. I traveled around some, ending up in jail again after being caught shoplifting. I ended up in another halfway house in Savannah, Georgia.

After I was released I started smoking and drinking again when the Lord started to work in my life. I began to have a hunger for peace in my life that continued to grow and wouldn’t go away. I remembered that Jesus was the “Prince of Peace” and thought of how offensive my life must be to Him. I knew that I had to change, so I repented and asked to help me live a life that would be pleasing to Him.


[In this photo I am holding the cross. The sign means that as the German church was in part responsible for the holocaust in Germany, so is the American church in part responsible for the Abortion holocaust in America]

I wanted to spend some time with Jesus and get away from the atmosphere and people that I associated with. So I began a new journey. I bought a bicycle, tent, backpack, duffel bag, packed some clothes and hit the road going west. On the trip one day, I stopped to check my mileage and to take a breather when a man pulled off to the side of the road and walked up to my park table. He asked if I needed directions. He then began to witness to me and we started fellowshipping and sharing what the Lord had done in our lives. He invited me to come to his church a little later, and I decided to go. I had been stopping at churches along the way as I went.

The service went well and afterwards, I asked if they had a spare Bible laying around that I could have. The wonderful brother blessed me by giving me his own Ryrie Study Bible – that I have with me today. I ended my bike trip in Birmingham, Alabama. The Lord blessed me with a good job, and I found an apartment and a church. I started a tract ministry off my bicycle. I would ride around town giving tracts to whoever would take them, and sharing the Gospel if they were receptive. It was such a blessing to be able to share Jesus with others. I attended a Presbyterian church and really began to grow as a Christian through the teaching – as well as my own personal Bible studies. In January of 1994, I began to see fliers around our church about a memorial that would be in the form of a rally and march on the 22nd – about something called “Roe vs. Wade.”

I didn’t know what that was about so I decided to go and find out what they were doing. When I attended the event, my eyes were opened to America’s Holocaust, and I was shocked. This can’t be happening here in America can it? I knew that as a Christian, that I had to do something to help – but what? I waited about a week before I took a large cardboard box and made a sign. On one side it said, “Mommy – Please don’t Kill your Baby”, and on the other side was, “Adoption is an Option.” I started to walk the few blocks to two of the local killing centers after work every day. About a week after I started going out, I met one of the local pro-lifers. I was holding the sign when an old Volkswagen bus pulled up, and a bearded gentleman walked up and introduced himself. We fellowshipped for a while and he began to share some about the pro-life movement in town.

I soon began to picket with them on Saturdays and rainy days – my days off that I could get out. I soon started sidewalk counseling, and the lord was really using me to help a lot of people with the Gospel and help in their crisis times. I helped with an Operation Rescue event in Birmingham during Holy Week called, “Holy Week – Passion for Life.” I was able to offer up my apartment, and I was really blessed to have three wonderful brothers stay with me. One was a ‘Missionary to the Preborn’ from New Hampshire. I was one of the people who risked arrest for praying on the sidewalk around the murder mill. We were arrested and then released later that day. I had been set enter Job Corps when I started to be torn in two directions.

The Job Corps was on one side, and the Pro-life ministry on the other. I prayed for about a week before the Lord allowed me to become a full-time missionary to the preborn (not affiliated with any group). I was soon off to Buffalo, NY, for an event there. The warriors there were wonderful, and they took me right in for the event. They are very organized and are a major thorn in the devil’s side. I left Buffalo after the event for Maine to visit my family. I had not been back since I left in the summer of 1988 – about six years before. During my stay, I went to a Pro-life conference in Chicago, returned, and spent another week with them. It was during that time that I met a wonderful family who picketed at a nearby killing center, and I was able to picket with them twice during my stay. They came out once a week over 200 miles to show their love for the babies.

I returned to Buffalo where I was welcomed back like family, and I stayed for about two months at the home of some wonderful Christians. I was able to counsel almost daily, as well as being able to do two Pro-life presentations at different churches. Towards June, a group of us began to prepare for a road trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, for an Operation Rescue event called, “The Summer of Justice” in July, 94. It was a great trip down to Arkansas, and we found the brethren to be very warm and hospitable. The event went really well, and I participated in my first Rescue with about 30 others. We were arrested and hauled off to jail in a bus, only to be released a few hours later. I stayed in Little Rock after the event and sidewalk counseled at a killing center across from the War Memorial Stadium.

I was able to speak to many pastors about America’s holocaust – showing them videos about the truth of abortion. Videos like “When the Battle Raged” by Randall Terry, “Battlefield Milwaukee” by Rev. Matt Trewella. “The Massacre of the Innocents” and “The Hard Truth” were others videos that I used to share what is going on everyday in our nation. While waiting for our court date, I was asked to go to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, for an Operation Rescue event called “Prayer 1000″ (see the above picture) and the founding meeting of the American Coalition of Life Activists – A.C.L.A. in Jackson and Gulfport, Mississippi. I was really blessed to be able to participate in that event and such wonderful people, warriors of the Lord. I then returned to Little Rock for the court date and we were given 18 days in the county jail. After, I was invited to come to Denver, stopping at Wichita and Kansas City, on the way – arriving in mid-September.

I went to work as a picketer because it was almost impossible to sidewalk counsel there. I kept doing this off and on until December, when we began to prepare for a trip to Washington, D.C. for the national Roe Vs. Wade memorial rally and March. God provided a very special way for the financing, and we were off for D.C. We stopped in at Kansas City, and a family there allowed us to spend the night at their house, and fed us a very hearty dinner. The next day, the brother took one look at our tires and said, “they have to go.” He bought us new snow tires and helped financially as well. We arrived safely in D.C. in time for the second night of the “White Rose Banquet” sponsered by ACLA yearly. The March for Life – rally and march – went well, and I took part in the sit-in at the N.I.H. – National Institute of Health – where they do horrible experiments on unborn babies.

Around thirty of us were taken to the Dungeon (City Jail) and I was blessed to have a Pro-life group of college students pay my fine. We spent a night with a fellow Little Rock rescuer, and it was there our van lost it’s clutch. The sister made a few phone calls, and after a few days, we were on our way to Philadelphia, Pa, where we took part in a rescue with some very special Christians, We were clingers, and we clung to anything we could hold onto when the police tried to remove us from in front of the doors. We were taken to the city jail and released after 14 or so hours. We then returned to Denver after staying for some time in Wichita, where I was able to spend some time counseling and picketing at the mass murderers death camp called, “Family Medical Center” belonging to the mass murderer George B. Tiller I got back to Denver in early March of 1995, and I went back to picketing until then evening of March 16th. I had been getting ready for bed on that Friday night and was praying for our activities for the next day.

I was praying for a way to end the killing and save the children from such a horrible death. I was asked two questions which startled me and opened my eyes. I was asked if I believed that abortion kills babies. Of course I believed that life begins at conception and that abortion is murder. Then I was asked why I was not acting like it was murder. That question I did not have an answer for. I was taken to Proverbs 24:10-12 where I saw the COMMAND to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death, then I was taken to Proverbs 21:13 where it says that if I close my ears to the cry of the helpless, that I would one day cry out and not be heard.

I was also shown I John 3:16-18, John 15:12-113, Matthew 25:31-46, and James 2:14-26. I knew that I had to more than hold a sign and watch as the children died, so I began to prepare myself for action. I got a flashlight, backpack, and hatchet, and drove to Planned Deathhood. I broke in through a side window, climbed in and landed right on top of a suction machine! Well I soon showed it a dose of Heavy Metal (my sledgehammer) and with a shower of sparks it was neutralized. I walked into the next two rooms and did the same and also went into the two bathrooms and demolished the toilets. Before I left, I broke a blood pressure device spilling mercury, causing a toxic waste crew to be called in to remove the mercury. I then went to a private murder mill, and broke in through a plate glass window. It was very dark inside and seeing was difficult. I broke their computer, toilet, and ultrasound machine.

I then left, heading back to the house. I took a nap, picked up my last paycheck and bought a good dinner, showered, changed, and then had a friend drive me to the police station where I turned my self in to keep someone innocent from being blamed. I was charged with two counts of criminal mischief and tow counts of burglary – as well as the habitual offender statute – because of the two incidents in Florida and Georgia. I spent 16 months at the county jail where I started a Bible correspondence course, witnessing to other inmates, helping out the church groups coming in, and writing articles and poetry for a publication in Des Moines, Iowa, called, “Prayer and Action News.” Shelly Shannon. another P.O.C., had them send me a copy. I also spent a lot of time on correspondence, most of the local pro-lifers were horrified that I would do such a thing, but a few have stayed in close contact with letters and with prayers. I started to receive letters from around the country – and even other countries because of the POC list that are published.

The Life Advocate, and other Groups – and now the Missionaries to the UNBORN has one. In July of 1995, I was sentenced to 18 years, and was soon moved and am now at the Fremont Correctional Facility. I have a public defender, and am now appealing this case. There is a lot of work to do on appeals I am told. I have been asking people to write to my public defender, letters of concern to let her know that 18 years for basic vandalism is outrageous. I am asking people to thank Ms. Robin Despond for her work on my behalf. Pray for her and let her know that people want me to get a fair chance at my appeals. She can be written at the:

Office of the State, Public Defender
Ms. Robin Despond * Appellate Division
110 – 16th Street
Suite 800
Denver, CO. 80202

I am keeping busy here. We have a strong and growing church with services nightly. We have special groups come in all the time like Kairos and Prison Fellowship, which are a real blessing. I am still taking the correspondence course from Emmaus Bible College, and I am now in Mechanical Drafting School. I exercise a lot, and do a lot of walking and jogging. I have even been keeping a mileage chart to keep track of my progress. I am still writing off and on for Prayer & Action News.

Mostly poetry and words of exhortation to encourage the Body of Christ to take up the Cross, and stand up for the babies. I hope that this helps you to get to know me a little bit, and what the Lord has done in my life. This month makes 4 years of serving the Lord and being free from cigarettes, drugs, and booze. When the Bible says that Jesus sets the captives free, you have to experience freedom from sin to be able to appreciate what Jesus has done for us!

Your brother in Christ,
David A. Lane