A Word of True Prophecy to America

On March 11, 1997, I Noah, called as a prophet of God and my Lord Jesus Christ, was writing to a sister who had sent me what she felt was a prophecy from the Lord, and, as it is written, I read it and judged if it could be from the Lord. In this I received were promises that America could yet be saved and preserved as America. As the Lord showed me, I began to write to this sister, and was given the prophecy that follows.

This word is to all in America, but especially those who say they are of the faith, and of the Body of Christ. It has always been so, that when the Lord sends His words of judgment and destruction, the enemy will come in and will deceive some into believing that it is not so, but that there is peace and safety, or that they can still make it yet, despite all their sin, iniquity, working of abominations, stiff necked rebellion, and refusal to repent, etc., and all this after God had continually called them “as a nation” to repent, and return to the right ways.

Though they still stubbornly refuse to do so, some refuse to accept that God is not only doing all the judgments He has spoken by my mouth, and the mouth of a long line of other prophets. but will indeed do all that He has said, whether they believe or do not believe.

May God grant you who hear or read this to enter into, and to grow in His grace, that you may to come to the full knowledge of His will on America, that you may yet warn many to save themselves by turning to Christ and the Gospel of the Word of God in Christ, so that perhaps when the destruction of America comes they may be spared, or even a part and a piece may be preserved by their presence of righteousness there.

I am thankful for that which I received, for, as one of God’s prophets, “who sit by and judge”, as He said in Corinthians, I can now speak to all of what was sent to me. There is much good in a call to repentance on an individual level, and this is truth from the Lord always, but she had said the Lord will send judgments on America, whereas we are already well past that, and are now into seven time seven increase of judgments He spoke of, or the increase in intensity of judgments He has spoken by so many prophets up to and including myself.

She also spoke that the Lord has said He is willing to forgive and restore America to her true glory, yet the Lord said in 1996 in The Prophecy of the End of America, that America was to get it’s house in order, for it will surely die.

He said America had been weighed in the balance and found wanting in those things of righteousness, love, and holiness, Therefore It’s house was taken from it, it’s freedoms were removed, and they were to go into captivity, and their children, and to so die, because of their wicked and evil unbelief in the Lord, and His prophecies which He had sent to them. This means that God is no longer offering America a chance at His mercy, for when He offered it year after year, they hardened their necks, and made their faces as stone to his offers of mercy and deliverance. America as we know, and knew it, shall cease to be, even as the Lord has said. How I wish it were not so, for I have fought hard to warn, and bring deliverance to this nation, but they would not turn from their sins, and their works of abominations, though many have cried aloud and spared not, in the hope that they would awake unto righteousness.

But they have only turned more to sin “as a nation”, therefore has God said, “America, get your house in order, for you shall surely die.” This does not mean His grace for the individual is cut off, but rather is an offer to the individuals to get their houses in order that they might save themselves from this untoward generation. Maybe even save a piece or part of the nation, but America as a nation shall be no more.

How I yet long for George Washington’s vision to be so, but I know that this nation must be brought to the point of utter destruction, and fall on it’s knees in repentance and supplication first, for it to be so. I have a remnant. That is more than I had when I began. That remnant is a testimony to the faithfulness of His many prophets and prophetesses, who did the work, but always made sure that they did it according to His Commandments.

It is already too late for America as a nation, but not for those who will turn as individuals. This nation is about to come to that destruction He spoke of in the first message, even that which comes in one day and in one hour, fire destroying cities, flesh melting from bones, eyes from sockets, all becoming but ashes. The land occupied by fierce enemies who have no mercy on those who are left. Multitudes going into captivity, never to see this land again, to die in captivity. The wives and daughters ravaged and used, those who are left, going hungry and thirsty, while their enemies are filled and slaked with what is left of the land.

Thus has the Lord spoken, and thus shall it be, though I would wish it were not so, but such wishing, or even praying, will not change it now, for when He offered us mercy as a nation, we did not accept. When the president and congressional leaders received the copies of the prophecies, they did not do as the king of Ninevah, in telling the people what the Lord had said, and calling them to repentance, to weeping and sorrow, to fasting, and putting on sackcloth. No! Instead they, as Jehoiachin, cast the messages aside, and didn’t warn the people of the nation, which they were supposed to be serving, of what God had said to all in this nation. Especially to those who were supposed to be of the Body of Christ, who had divided themselves into warring factions in obedience to the evil one, even Satan, who laughed at how easily he had deceived those who said they were brothers in the love of Christ, but did not show that love due to accepting the doctrines of men as more important than the Commandments of God.

The Word to America is not, “Let not your hearts be troubled”, but rather it is, “Quake and fear, O nation rejected of God, because of your continual sin and iniquity, because of your rejection of His mercy when He told you to choose, because of the flood of innocent blood shed in your land, because of the perversions and abominations that twist you to an abominable and abhorrent thing, rather than what God created you to be, for it is indeed a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, who offered you mercy”as a nation” and you would not accept it. Yes, let your hearts fear, and quake at what comes, and that by your own will and choice, for God, who has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, gave you opportunity, and offered you His grace and mercy, that you might save yourselves, and that His mercy might have rejoiced against judgement destruction.

He will indeed blot out your sins America, but not with His mercy, which you refused, but rather with His judgment destructions shall your sins be covered. For He has said that He is not mocked, but shall repay, according to His Word. For vengeance is mine, the Lord says, and I shall surely repay. As they have done to others, so shall it be done to them, and more so also, for what you plant, is what you reap, only more so. For when one plants but a grain of corn, he does not reap but a grain, but a stalk, with many ears, of many grains. So shall it be in the judgments. He that planted much good, shall reap even more than what he planted, even to his having the light, and the glory of God and His Christ, that when one beholds him, it shall be as when one beholds the glory of God, for so shall it be. Those also, who plant evil, and sin shall reap more than they have planted. They shall suffer the pains, and torments, and fires, of the outer darkness evermore. They shall be cut off from the presence, and the light of God and His love. They shall be things to abhor and to detest to God, who offered them His Life and Mercy, and they wanted it not. There shall indeed be great weeping, wailing, and eternal disappointment, with great grief and pain, not just to the body, but to the spirit and soul also. Yes, quake and fear America, for your destruction comes, and none can stop it, for it is the will of God!

This is the Word of God to America my brothers and sisters. Try to save what parts and pieces you can. Above all else, win the individual souls that are lost, into the Kingdom. Warn them to prepare for what comes. Do not give them false hope, but only hope that by your righteousness, you can save yourself, as it was said of Noah, Daniel, and Job, if we remember that in living righteous lives, we are demonstrating the righteousness of Christ in us, which we have received by Gods grace, through faith in Him. The nation has wholly corrupted itself, and is become as a menstrual cloth. Even an unclean thing to the Lord God. A nation which has trampled underfoot, not only the precious blood of Jesus Christ, but also the precious Word of God, and therefore the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God, and the Saviour and Lord to all those who have believed unto righteousness, not only in word, but in deed also. May all the people of this nation begin to weep and repent before the Lord, asking for salvation, and praying that God does not destroy America “utterly”. But I know your hearts and minds, that they are set to prideful and stubborn rebellion, and therefore to destruction. Then shall you who remain be able to say, “Behold what we have done to ourselves, and to our children”. This is the word the Lord has given me on this day, to a people who choose not hear, nor see, the word of the Lord sent to them, and I testify to it’s Truth.

The Lord has spoken to us all this day, and as God is not the author of confusion, Let us all be of one mind, and in one accord, speaking the same thing in the love and reverent fear of the Lord, as we strive to bring souls in during the destruction that comes. May God bless and keep all who are sanctified in Christ, in His Word, and in His Will, in righteousness, in the power of the Holy Ghost, and a willing, voluntary, service of love, which has great reward to those who find and exercise themselves in it, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Your servant for Christ’s sake,