On June 14, 1996 as I, Noah, was writing Bro Elisha in Florida, the Lord spoke the following word. Thus has the Lord spoken,

“America, you have NOW been weighed in the balance and found wanting and lacking in those things of righteousness, and love of holiness and truth. Therefore your house is taken from you, your freedoms are removed, you are to go into captivity and to watch your children so die, for your sinful and wicked unbelief in the Lord God and His words of prophecy to you. ‘AMERICA, GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER’ for you shall surely die!”

Amen, even so Lord God Almighty, for Thy judgments are just, righteous, and true, and all Thy ways holiness. Whoever reads or hears this, by the command of the Lord you are now set as Baruch in Jeremiah 36. Feel free to copy this or if you desire copies write: