This poem was written in the Westchester County Jail in December, 1990. It references Steven Kaali, the abortionist at the mill in Dobbs Ferry, New York. “Goliath” refers to Operation Goliath, which was the rescue campaign against Kaali’s mill.

“Chestnuts roasting . . .”

Brain matter extruding from an open womb
Steven Kaali tearing off your nose
Tiny tots with their bodies in shreds
And folks coming out doing what they chose

Everybody knows,

Some laminaria and a tenaculum
Help to make the season right
Abortions are down ’cause Goliath’s in town
But babies’ blood still flows into the ground.

You know that satan’s on his way
He’s got the police, the judge and jailers in his sleigh
And any mother’s child may surely find
His body in the trash like an old orange rind.

And so I’m offering this simple prayer
For infants from conception unto birth
Though it’s been said many times many ways
O God, avenge our blood upon the earth.