This poem was written on September 28, 1990. Tablet lived in New Jersey at the time. He was picked up pre-dawn. The rescuers drove north on the Jersey Turnpike, over the George Washington Bridge, and north to Dobbs Ferry on the east side of the Hudson. They then locked themselves to the cyclone fence around Kaali’s abortion mill — and waited. After the arrest they spent four months at the Westchester County Jail in Valhalla, New York.

Seven souls went riding forth
On one September morn
Looking for abandoned lives
Hoping to be born.

Up the turnpike, over the bridge
North up Hudson’s shore
Clickety, clickety, clickety clack
Locking to the doors.

The devil says, Oh stay at home
It’s not your problem here
But wisdom sighs, and then replies
God’s judgment is drawing near.

We’re here to teach a lesson
To the careless and the proud
In silent witness shackled there
The chains of life speak loud.