The Ten Commandments ARE a Gospel Issue


Believe it or not, the Ten Commandments monument issue in Alabama is a gospel issue. Pittsburgh Christian radio host, Marty Minto, likes to proclaim “we just need to preach the gospel” – and that is the answer for him. Just “Move the Ten Commandments monument”says Minto as it means nothing. I would reply to him – “Just who are you going to preach the gospel to???”

The kids of today have no knowledge of the Ten Commandments. With the removal of the knowledge of God’s Law – also removed¬† is the knowledge of their sinfulness. It is the Law that drives us to Christ because we recognize our absolute need to be saved from our sins.

If you remove the Law of God from our lives, you end up preaching Jesus the Savior, to people that don’t recognize they *need* a savior. Why would someone accept Jesus – when they have no need? They don’t sin – as there is not such thing as sin in their minds – and thus Jesus is rejected.

So again – I would reply to this Marty Minto – “Just who are you going to preach the gospel to? People who have no recognition that they need a savior?” That is why the Ten Commandments are a gospel issue.

In the same way, abortion is an attack on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The kids of today grow up thinking that their lives are cheap and have no value – as 1/3 of their generation has been “terminated”¬† by abortion. Why would they believe their lives have enough value that someone would actually die for them? That someone including Jesus Christ.

That is why that those people are there right now in Montgomery, Alabama, defending that monument of the Ten Commandments. They recognize it is a stake through the heart of the gospel, and our future effectiveness in bringing people to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Woe to us if we the Church – once again – fall back in cowardice, and run from the battle.

Steve Wetzel