The Pro-life Prophet

It would seem, given this present distress, that there is cause for alarm and great concern. Our numbers have dwindled, the faithful grow fewer and fewer. Many of our battle hardened front-line troops have sought the greener pastures of less confrontational ministries. Is this depleting of our forces from the Lord or perhaps due to our failure to count the cost? I think – both!

On one hand God wants His servants on the front-line doing battle with the forces of evil. And yet, as long as we are there, His hand of judgment is being restrained. It’s as if the Lord is allowing His servants to be removed – so He may pour out the cup of His wrath upon America for the 40,000,000 unborn babies that have been slaughtered within her.

On the other hand, we baby-boom Americans do not know what it is to suffer. We equate suffering for the faith with someone’s refusal to accept a gospel tract and (heaven forbid) saying a cross word to us. We simply don’t have a clue. Operation Rescue gave an opportunity to turn this around. Imagine … going to jail for someone else (and an unborn child at that)! It was intercession in the truest sense. But alas, we did not count the cost and fainted when the cost got too high. (Of course the local churches lack support, when the trumpet was sounded, also had much to do with this. Hence our numbers have dwindled to a mere handful).

Back to the subject at hand. It takes a special animal to stand in front of an abortion mill and offer hope to girls who have already made up their minds to offer their babies to demons (Ps.106:37-38). In taking on the forces of the evil one, we seek to remove Satan from ground he has already conquered, and he will not go quietly. I have learned that Satan only rears his ugly head (manifestations) in two instances. (1) Where he such control that he can do as he pleases, and (2) when he is backed into a corner. That is exactly what Operation Rescue did in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It backed the evil one into a corner. This type of work is not for the faint of heart or “well meaning” person. You oppose Satan on his ground at the abortuaries of America. This is not for the novice. I have seen two “well meaning” people – good people, but not Christians – become demon-possessed at this battleground. Some would say, “Steve, I’m not being edified by what your saying”, or “Are you trying to scare us away?” Maybe. Better to run away now – if you’re not a Christian – then to befall the fate of those two “well meaning people”. If you are a warrior Christian, then read on. You are needed to take on Satan where his throne is (Rev.2:13).

Success is not at the heart of what we do. Faithfulness is our creed. We see self-sacrifice is a virtue to be desired and not despised. To be a light for our God – making manifest the works of the evil one – our cry. We see little or no results – as the world deems it. We are the lepers of the Christian community. We are Christians in a ditch – to which the Levite and Priest cross over to the other side of the road so they don’t have to see us. Knowing this, we cry out all the more. Such is the life of the Christian leper. Such is the life of the Pro-Life prophet.

To my fellow Pro-life prophets, continue on in the fight! No, we may never see results in our lifetime – but then results have never really been the measure of a man’s calling and faith has it? Is it not the crying out of the burden God has placed on our hearts that gives meaning to our lives? Is it not our life’s ambition? Is it not our calling? Continue on Pro-life prophet. Our Lord draws nigh! To Him be the honor and glory! Amen.

Steve Wetzel