Can You Imagine?

February 20, 1999

[Please read the Sharon Hamptlon death at the hands of an abortionist story first]

“She told me I needed to take her to this place,” said Doris Hamptlon, a soft- spoken, religious woman who saidshe morally objects to abortion.“She was 27, and I didn’t want to pry”

car radio

“They listened to gospel music during the drive, which took nearly two hours, she said.”

Can you imagine? A two hour drive to an abortion mill – to kill her baby – and they listened to gospel music during the whole two hour drive?

Can you imagine?

Maybe they listened to a ‘Point of Grace’ song or two. Possibly some Integrity Praise/ Hosanna worship music. Maybe she and her mother sang along with Rich Mullens’ song, “Our God is an awesome God.” Did she hear her favorite song?

Can you imagine?

I wonder how many church advertisements they heard along the two hour drive. I wonder if they were intrigued as the ad spoke of the dynamic worship at XYZ Church. Did they consider possibly visiting XYZ Church because of how the Lord is moving there?

Can you imagine?

Maybe during that two hour trip, they heard a famous radio preacher or two. Did they listen intently as the speaker spoke the sermon of the day? Did they discuss the sermon as they traveled to the abortion mill to terminate her baby?

Can you imagine?

Did they discuss the coming DC TALK concert at XYZ Church? How much the tickets cost, and how crowded it would be? Should they get the tickets at the local Christian bookstore – or wait and get them at the door?

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine a church that is active – on the streets – where mankind is dying? Can you image a church that not only says they believe abortion is murder, but actually believe it enough to go out to where the babies are dying?

I can imagine.

But for now, that is all.