Wearied by the Footmen

Recently I received a ministry letter from a former Bible college professor. This is a man I respect greatly, but was very disturbed by a part of his article.

He wrote,

“Whatever can be said about the ills of America, it is still a “land of peace” compared to much of the world.”

The gist of the message had to deal with Christian persecution around the world and Christians fainting in the day of adversity.

The above statement speaks volumes of where Christian leadership is today. How can any leader say that America is still a “land of peace”? We have the blood of over 44,000,000 unborn children that have been slain crying out for justice. A land of peace? I hardly think so.

This also speaks of just how out of sync our church leaders are with what is going on in our land. Those of us involved in pro-life ministries are well acquainted with “the stare.” What is “the stare” you ask? The stare is the blank look you get whenever you meet a new pastor and he asks you what ministry you are involved in. When you tell him ‘pro-life work’ – it is followed by a blank stare, an uncomfortable moment of silence, and then a quick change of subject. Why is that? Has the liberal media so indoctrinated our church leaders that pro-lifers are to be feared? When they hear the words pro-life, what images are stirred up in their mind? I just recently met a pastor who was under the assumption that every abortion clinic has a bubble-zone around it! (They do not.).

Concerning Christian persecution, those who have been on the abortion front lines can testify to the injustices and harassment we regularly receive from the police, disgruntled women and their boyfriends, and other so-called Christians. Active pro-life churches have been harassed and even closed. A “land of peace”? Not from what I seen.

Christians are fainting in the “day of adversity” and they don’t even realize it. The battle is raging right outside their church doors, and they either don’t know about it – or don’t want to know about it. If only they had ears to hear the cry of the unborn babies that have been slain and are being slaughtered.

Jeremiah wrote:

“If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses?

And if in a land of peace, in which you trusted, they wearied you, then how will you do in the flooding of the Jordan?”

The race with the footmen is almost over. The horse race is about to begin. How will we fare in the horse race when we were wearied by the footmen?