The Puppet Master 2

horsley-clay-picWhen lawlessness abounds – and encouraged – who could be the next victim?

Steve Wetzel
Editor, MTTU News

September 14, 2003
Revised Oct 2, 2003

Omaha, NE – It is of note that those who advocate the use of murdering abortionists as a tool in the fight against abortion (a.k.a. the “Army of God”) are not willing to do so themselves.  This is a recurring theme among their kind.

It is dressed up as “justifiable homicide” – yet it’s major proponents (Neal Horsley and Don Spitz) are *NOT* willing to do the dirty deed themselves. They simply incite others to do their bidding via email, books and web sites – with no personal consequence.

They are the wimpy generals who sit miles from the frontlines, and order their recruits to their deaths.

They have their belief system – they just don’t follow it. It’s the classic “do as I say – not as I do” scenario. Even a child can see through that fake belief system. At least Jim Kopp and Paul Hill followed through with their beliefs. Not these cowards though.  Instead, they are looking for gullible, susceptible puppets who will do their bidding for them. Hence the title of this article – the Puppet Masters.

In a personal phone call (one week ago) to Neal Horsley of, I asked Horsley if he ever witnessed at – or visited – the abortion clinics where he lives. I mean – he wants prolifers to email him pictures of girls going into abortion clinics for his Abortion Cams project doesn’t he? But does he go himself ?

What followed was a two minute sermon (laced with profanity) on how he only does what the Holy Spirit tells him to do. When he was done with his sermon, I asked him again if went out to abortion clinics, and finally he reluctantly said no that he does not go out to abortion clinics. Again, it’s the classic, “do as I say – not as I do.”

Do not be deceived by the Horsley rhetoric. In every sense of the word – Horsley is a “coward.” He has never been arrested for anything prolife, and refuses to put himself out there and actually even go to an abortion clinic to intercede on behalf of the unborn children. I have seen Flip Benhem (who is regularly condemned by  at abortion clinincs many times. I have seen Flip Benhem arrested for the unborn as well – but never Neal Horsley. Horsley is simply a publicity seeking, desktop warrior who shuns away from the very battle he wants everyone else to fight!

MTTU.COM linked a web page I entitled, “Future recruits” of the Army of God” which many viewers misunderstood. It was a link to hardcore criminals (in the likeness of Clayton Waagner) who had violated parole. My personal dealings with the Army of God and their apologists, has led me to the conclusion that the end justifies the means to them. Gone is any semblance to Christ or Christian witness. These criminals would be welcomed and even embraced by the Army of God apologists – as Christ has taken a backseat to the personal agendas of these men.

In a very real sense – they are a cult. They view themselves as the only real true prolifers. But anyone who does not walk in lockstep with them, is not prolife. In their minds you have to *advocate killing abortionists*  to be truly prolife Can you say oxy-moron? They believe they have the only real way of being prolife, and everyone else is wrong. It’s their way or the highway.

Flip Benham of Operation Save America is reviled. He does not advocate shooting abortionists thus is anathema to the Puppet Masters – because he speaks against murdering abortionists. Never mind that Flip is a humble man, patient, long-suffering, and a preacher of the gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ means little to the Puppet Masters. It does not fit in with their agenda.

I am also now reviled as a Judas as well. Maybe *hated* is a better word. My heinous sin to them was I took Neal Horsley to task for the Buffalo NY rally for Jim Kopp (prior to his trial) – which the Puppet Masters turned into a pep rally for the Army of God. The rally was meant to be a show of support for Jim Kopp, but Kopp was of no further use to them, thus he was discarded.

One of the web sites MTTU.COM operates it is the Prisoners of Christ List. This is a list of people who are in jail for their actions in saving unborn babies. The list has those in jail from simple trespass to homicide. My refusal to include non-Christians on the Prisoners of ChristList – such as Clayton Waagner (and now Eric Rudolph) – also has yours truly marked as a Judas.

The Puppet Masters claim to actually care for these prisoners of Christ, but in reality they are simply convenient tools. The Horsleys of this world could really care less about men like Jim Kopp. Kopp is just a tool for them – a tool to gain more future recruits to wage their version of war. A tool to gain personal publicity, recognition and notoriety from the eager secular press.

Saints – as long as we are in this world, there will always those who  seek to turn the true Christian faith into something of their own creation. The Christian life is supposed to be one of “self-sacrifice” – not the sacrificing of others for our own gain. That is what the pro-aborts do. This is what the Puppet Masters do.

Jesus gave us the ultimate example of self-sacrifice and obedience with His death on the Cross for our sins. We are called in obedience to take up our cross and follow Him. That is the true Christian faith. It is a life of sacrifice. That is the way the Christian life is supposed to be lived.