Welcome to the Church of Feel Good

Welcome to the Church of Feel-Good

December 2003
Editor, MTTU.COM

“We, the Church of the Feel-Good, do hereby promise our church members that we will never confront you in any way that might be deemed judgmental. We also promise not preach too much of Word of God – as that might also be judgmental – and result in an uncomfortable conviction.

“Sermons will be based on a maximum of one scripture on Sunday morning, and if possible, said sermon will be based on a Christian song or the latest Christian feel-good book.”

“Come as you are is our motto, and we encourage you to stay exactly that way.”

Don’t ya just love the soft Sunday-morning creme puff sermons – which are the staple in the American Church today? I don’t know about you – but they drive me crazy.

These messages are devoid of God’s Word and the conviction and teaching it brings. They are meant only to tickle the ear of the listener, make him or her feel good about themselves, and fill the offering plate. The American Church only seeks to “uplift” its sheep – but never to convict of sin – much less train up warriors for battle. (I speak in general terms as there are still some good churches out there.)


Would it be too much to say that the American Church has adopted the abortion mentality? Before you say “no” – think about it for a minute.

Why do some women say they have a right to an abortion? You know the mantra: “It’s my body, my career, my choice.” It is selfishness pure and simple. It’s all about, “Me, me, me.”

I would argue the American Christian has the same mentality. They don’t want hard messages or convicting words from the pulpit. They want what makes them feel good. Their Christian faith has no outward view – only my relationship with God, my walk with God, and my being blessed during the worship service and “feel good” message.  All too often, the pastor is willing to oblige them – as his paycheck is dependant on his popularity with the sheep. This is what he sees on TBN, and thus mimics it.

One need only look at the nonsense that passes itself off as Biblical training. Consider these topics found at: Shekinah “Tapes On-Line.”

Releasing the Anointing
*  Faith for the Anointing
*  Tasting the Powers of the World to Come
*  Faith to Release the Anointing
*  Purpose of the Anointing
Handling Stress
*  Handling the Stress of Your Job
*  Stress-proofing Parenting
*  Victory Over Worry and Depression
*  Let God’s Purpose Schedule your Life
Tapping into the Anointing
*  Tapping into the Anointing
*  Spiritual Hunger
*  The Touch of God
*  Times of Refreshing
The Authority We Have
*  Authority of Jesus’ Name
*  Binding the Strong Man
*  Source of Authority – Obedience
*  Weapons of Our Warfare
The New Anointing
*  Entering the New Outpouring
*  The Need for New Wineskins
*  Drawing Water With Joy
*  The River of Life
Revelation of the Glory
*  Revelation of the Glory
*  The Glory Generation
*  Worship and Glory
*  Seeking His Face
A Cry for the Glory
*  A Cry for the Glory
*  Preparing for the Glory
Ask * Seek * Knock
* Ask * Seek * Knock: The Adventure of Prayer
* Seek and Ye Shall Find

Do you see a recurring theme? It’s all about “SELF!”

God created church leadership “for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry …”  See Ephesians 4:11-14. How much equipping is actually happening today in American churches? How much preparing the saints for the battle on the streets for men’s souls  is your church doing?

It has been argued that if churches were doing their jobs, there would be no need for Bible Colleges and Seminaries.  I would tend to agree. I have seen churches that spent entire summers teaching Jr. High and High School kids – college level Bible classes. Classes from Hermeneutics to Personal Evangelism, Old Testament Synthesis to Major/Minor Prophets.  I was one of those kids, and we ate it up!

Sadly, today the American church only focuses on entertainment,   and feel-good, touchy nonsense.

Here’s a good example: In our area there is one porn shop. One Sunday morning, the pastor said from the pulpit that he needed at least 25-30 people with cars, to drive by the porn shop with a ribbon attached to the car antenna. He said it was *proven* that this works, and the porn shop would close.

That’s right prolifers – we’ve been doing it wrong for 30+ years! All we had to do was tie a ribbon to our car antenna, and drive by abortion clinics, and abortion would end!

I called this pastor on how it was “proven” that it works. He never replied. It’s just another example of how feel-good exercises have replaced the substance of sacrifice that entails going out in the streets, and putting in the time and footwork needed to witness in front of places like that.

I can’t help but wonder when standing before God, what this man will say to God when asked what he did to stop porn shops and abortion clinics. Will his only answer really be, “Well, I drove by the place one time with a ribbon attached to my car.” Lord help us!

The real shame in all this is many, many prolifers have given up on even going to church at all. They know what abortion is, and see the utter hypocrisy of their churches doing nothing to stem the number of babies being slaughtered right outside their church doors. They bang, and bang, and bang their heads against the apostate church walls, and finally give up. They are God’s frontline Christians – and are still firing it up on the battle lines – they just refuse to fellowship in hypocritical churches any longer.

This ought not to be. Be a light in your church – and if need be – a thorn in the side of your pastor to proclaim God’s Word. ALL of God’s Word – including the not so pleasant parts!!!

Yeah, you might receive the left foot of fellowship, but so what? We have received worse in front of abortion clinics! Just shake the dust off your feet, and move onto the next church. Remember saints – we have only been called to be faithful - not successful. Each person we give witness to will have to give answer before the Lord.

Keep firing it up!!!