The New Lord’s Prayer

It goes something like this:

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be MY name;
MY kingdom come
, MY will be done, on earth as …
well —  just on the earth!”

Know anybody like that? Men seeking after their own kingdoms IN THE NAME of God’s kingdom? It’s supposed to be for His glory isn’t it? Uh-huh.

This occurs on all levels of authority, and all levels of ministry. If you have ever been part of a “coalition” you know exactly of what I speak. In the name of unity they come together – only to be torn asunder by one or two individuals that want their own piece of the pie – their own little kingdom. It ends in the death of that coalition.

Even in the Pro-Life movement, I have seen this same dreaded monster rear it’s ugly head. Ever hear of the “Respect Life” offices set up in Catholic churches to supposedly combat the forces of our anti-life counterparts? It seems no matter what part of the country I am in, THEY are one of the biggest hindrances to those who stand at deaths doorsteps and intercede for the babies about to die! (I paint with large brush strokes). They (the office coordinators) constantly demean and belittle those who intercede for the children on the streets, while never soiling their own hands by going out to the abortion mills themselves. Heaven forbid someone should try and do something for the babies on their own. They incur the wrath of these demi-gods, by the “Coordinators” poisoning the minds of local bishops and local churches, that they are a bunch of radicals.

Why is this?

MY kingdom come, MY will be done!”

They have their own little kingdom carved out, and will fight any and all who threaten their dominion. Let’s put in it’s most basic terms – If child sacrifice ends – they will be out of a job. Now I don’t think they view it in this way, but that is the end result and the path they follow. If they truly were fulfilling their commission, they would not care who gets the job done – and even HELP – so long as child sacrifice is ended. To work themselves OUT of the job! Amen! May it be! Unfortunately, this is not so. It’s either their way or the highway. They look at the Barry Kilbanes’ and such, as radicals who should be scorned rather than helped. They threaten their kingdom.

This is not simply a phenomenon of the Pro-Life movement, but the church as a whole. We have forgotten that Christ is the Head – not us.

This is true on all levels of ministry. People seeking their own kingdom rather than the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. From church janitors to pastors to webmasters of other Christian Internet sites. It effects us all. And the end result is Christ’s Kingdom is hurt and weakened by our own selfish kingdom building.

Are you truly seeking the Kingdom of Jesus Christ? Would you willing to lay aside “your ministry” to help another’s ministry? Would you be willing to see the death of your ministry to establish anothers? When you can say, “Yes”, you will truly be seeking HIS kingdom – and the furtherance of HIS kingdom – rather than your own. Yeah, it may be hard, but it comes with death to SELF.

How’s your iron?


Added note:

It might be said that those who think like this have an “elitist mentality,” but really it’s much more common place than you would think. Everything I wrote was from experience. I used to go to a church called, “River of Life” – and they had a 65 year old janitor there who was struggling to get a piece of furniture up some steps (as he was doing it by himself). Even though my back was hurting, I grabbed the other end to help him out. He immediately dropped his end, and with the meanest look a person could give, ordered me to let go of the other end. I couldn’t believe what he was saying, so I said “what?”. He then walked over to me and got in my face, and said it again. I was shocked to say the least. He was gonna fight me if I didn’t let go. I did and he continued up the steps, dragging that piece of furniture. What shocked me even more, was that the pastor’s wife was there and didn’t raise an eyebrow to the whole scene.

I had invaded this man’s ministry by helping him. It was his baby and didn’t want anyone else to interfere with his ministry. He would rather kill himself with that piece of furniture, then allow another to share in his own little kingdom. The “New Lord’s Prayer” is not for just the high and mighty, but truly effects us all on every level. Even you and I if we look close enough.