Talk is cheap – and then the babies die

Sometimes I just get so disgusted – and it’s not at the baby killers. Oh, that would be so easy. No, I’m talking about the lip service we pay God – and not just the Church “we” – but the Protestant “we”. The Catholics have sure held up their end in the battle to save unborn babies from destruction. But what about us Prots? We razz the Catholics because they do not carry Bibles to Mass. We think we know soooo much more than they – for we have the Word! We quote the scriptures with chapter and verse, and list our theologies with such certainty and pride. We claim a Gnostic-like “higher knowledge” – yet THEY are the ones living out the gospel! How can this be?

Could it be that knowing just three scriptures – and living them out, is better than knowing the totality of God’s Word – and yet fail to live just one? Hey, I’m not even talking about the pro-abortion churches (Presbyterian USA, United Church of Christ, American Baptist, United Methodist, and Reformed churches – which are not churches). I’m talking about the good ol’ Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Fundamental churches that believe abortion is murder. Well, at least that is what I hear from their lips. Putting feet to that ‘belief’ is an entirely different story. Hence, my disgust.

Ever wonder why the Catholic church is picking up so many new converts from these fundamental, Baptist, etc. churches? Easy. They live out their beliefs. WE DON’T. Period. A recent pro-life meeting had three speakers. The two of the speakers joyfully exclaimed that they “used to be” Protestant, but are now Roman Catholic. Why? Because we wear our faith on our sleeve. They don’t wear it. Catholics “live it”through pain and suffering, through discomfort and inconvenience. Heaven forbid that we should be inconvenienced! That would be akin to “persecution.”

Of course this is not true of all Catholics to be sure, but I’ve been out there on the streets where the babies are dying long enough to know that 85-90% (nationwide) of the people out there on death’s doorsteps are Catholic. I take on all comers who would try to refute this claim! We have 25-27 (sometimes over 150 during prayer vigils) people at a local abortion mill. Wanna guess how many are NOT Catholic? Two. Myself and my son. Wanna guess how many non-Catholic churches there are a ½ mile or less from this abortion mill? Eight! Yet not one pastor, nor parishioner, will grace the sidewalk of this abortuary! Incredible! And they do know it’s there! I have made sure of that. For two straight years, every one of these churches have received weekly updates on how many children have died right out side their doors. That’s over 104 postcards & letters – per church – not including phone calls. And not a peep – save one pastor who said I was harassing him. Amen. Though I wouldn’t call it harassment. Rather rendering one accountable. Now there’s a lost concept.

We Prots know too much Bible! ‘Too much’ you say? How can that be? We have read God ‘s Word so much – without acting upon it – we have become experts at coming up with Biblical reasons not to live it! One pastor told me he didn’t want to go out to the abortion mill because he was afraid he might become violent! I guess that would break the passage which says not to be a striker. Of course Jesus did make a whip and …. no, that’s another passage. One says, we are to “preach the gospel”, another “to pray.” [See Randall Terry’s book, “Why does a nice guy like me keep getting thrown in jail”]. Suffice it to say, if they truly did either, I would have no qualms. But they do not. They pay the lip service of American Churchianity. The Church of Non-Sacrifice. As Randy commented, they love the Cross of Jesus Christ – yet despise the cross – that same One – He commanded us to bare.

Could this be where the road divides? Could it be true that Catholics realize that self-sacrifice / cross-bearing is the only way we can be truly please God, while we Prots are too busy making up theological excuses to bear our own?

Are you a believer? Have you borne the believer’s cross commanded by Jesus Christ? If not – will you now repent and take up that cross – that living cross – as a living sacrifice – for HIS glory? Will you leave your comfort zone? Will you embrace being of no-reputation, being despised and hated, spat upon for your God? What about for His children – your unborn brothers and sisters? It’s where the rubber meets the road you know. 

I pray I have sharpened your iron.

Steve Wetzel