List of Available Taped, and Printed Prophecies, Teachings, and Sermons

The following list printed, and taped vision, and messages available for warning, instruction, growth in the Lord, and edification of the Body.

Printed and Taped Prophetic

1.Vision and Message to America
2.The Lord’s Question for America
3.The Vision of the Lord’s Destruction for America
4.The Propheciy of the End of America.
5.The Word of God to the Prophets
6.The Vision of the Coming of the Lord (Terrible to behold)

Printed Only Prophetic

1. Newsletters #1-3, 4 & 5 show confirmations of his Prophetic words
2. Now Learn a Parable (A ten page booklet of eight parables for the edification of the church).
3. The Vision to the Indians, given to me for the Indian People of America.

Printed Teachings

1. Does There Yet Remain a Sabbath/Rest for the People of God?( A Bible study on the Sabbath)
2. In the Center of His Presence


Prophetic and Teaching
1.The Truth About the Coming of the Lord (3 Tapes)
2.Of What Use Is the Law to a Christian (3 Tapes)

1. You Must be Born Again!
2. Remeber Calvary
3. The Closing Door
4. The Last Time I Heard from Hell
6. Give All You Have
7. Come See a Man!
8. Noah’s Personal Testimony
9. There’s Someone at the Door Let Him.
10. The Voice of One Crying out The Sword Draws Near
11. He Knows!
12. What Are You Looking for?
13. If It Weren’t So I Would’ve Told You.

Evangelistic and Faith
1. Falling out of Love with Jesus.
2. How to be Jesus-Minded
3. Come, Eat at the Lord’s Table
4. Kill the Giant!
5. Is There Anything to Hard for God?
6. The Last Will and Testament of Jesus Christ
7. Step Out and Put Your Foot On It
8. Receive Ye The Holy Ghost!
9. I hear the voice of God
10. It Looks Good to Me
11. Is It God’s Will to Heal Everybody?
12. He Saved the Best for Last
13. The Fruit Inspector Cometh
14. A House Divided
15. Where Are All Believers?
16. That’s The Way God Designed It
17. I’m Positive, I Know What I Know. I Know!
18. Do You Remember? Then How Is It You Don’t Understand?
19. A Time for Joy, and Being Glad
20. The Power of the Holy Ghost
21. The Judgement
22. Be Prepared
23. The Test
24. Looking, and Seeking for a Man
25. I have a Special Licence and Dispensation to Break God’s Law.
26. Why Couldn’t We?
27. The One Thing That Kept You Out of the Kingdom.
28. What Kind of Man Is This?
29. From and With All of My Heart
30. Building Up Yourself
31. The Power of Unceasing Prayer
32. Because You are/ They are not of God
33. Why Should We Pray?
34. Love, and What Love Is.
35. One
36. The Love of Doing
37. Count the Cost
38. The Grace of God
39. What do I get? Whatever’s right!
40. What’s the use?
41. He is Coming Soon!
41. A Light has Shown in a Dark Land
42. The Seven Mistakes of a Fool
43. The Preached Word
44. Press On
45. The Preached Word of God
46. The Dedication to the End
47. Forgiveness and Forgiving
48. Lord, Help My Unbelief
49. Noah, Daniel, and Job
50. I Know Who’s in Charge
51. The Abhorrance of God

Teaching for the Women
1. Who Wears the Pants?( Marsha Noah)

By Dimitru Duduman
1. Russia and China Strike

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