AURORA, IL    Pro life activist, Randy Means, who in March stared down the barrel of a Colt 45 while an angry pro abortionist asked repeatedly if he is afraid to die, says that he is very unhappy with the weak punishment given to the gunman by the court.  After Means gave the police a description and license plate number, the gunman, Justin P. Jordan, was traced to his house and his gun was confiscated.  He was held 14 days in jail and on April 7  he pled guilty to carrying and possessing a handgun.  Jordan was charged $235 for fines and court costs, put on 2 years probation, and released.  He is not allowed to own a gun again.

Means explains that carrying and possessing a handgun is a charge which is used when police find a gun inside a car.  In this case the appropriate charge should have been aggravated assault with a deadly weapon which Jordan was charged with initially.  But then someone reduced the charge to carrying and possessing a handgun.  Means questions why the charge was reduced.  (If the gun had been held on the abortionist instead of the activist, would the gunman have gotten off so easily?)


Aurora, IL. ——Saturday morning, Mar. 21, 1998, was an unusual morning for prolife activists in Aurora, Illinois. When they arrived at the local abortion business, they found an Old Timer hunting knife with a wicked-looking three inch blade on the sidewalk in front of the clinic where they picket. They quickly removed the knife from the area so they could not be accused of bringing a weapon to the clinic.

Two hours later, a young male driver pulled his car up to the curb facing the wrong direction. He shouted to Karen Nichols, the sidewalk counsellor, asking her if she is prolife. She said, “Yes.” He started ranting and raving. He then said that he had a gun. Karen walked away from him and he shouted, “Don’t turn your back on me.”

The driver then drove 50 feet down the street to a group of college students who were praying. After briefly yelling at them, he drove 50 more feet to a veteran prolife activist, Randy Means, who was holding a large sign of Baby Malachi. He demanded that Means put the sign away. Means refused and told him that the purpose of the sign was to expose the evil that goes on inside the clinic. The driver then asked Means if he was afraid to die. Means said, “No, I am here in the service of my Lord and I have him as my Saviour.” The driver then pulled out a Colt 45, cocked it, pointed it at Means and said, “Are you sure you are ready to die?” He kept the gun pointed at Means, first at his stomach and then at his head and then back to his stomach. Eventually he drove off and prolifers phoned the police. Means gave them the license plate number and police located the suspect, Justin Jordan, at his home in Aurora where he surrendered the gun. The suspect had a previous incident on record when he shot himself in the leg.

The local newspaper has been strangely silent about this event.. We have not yet found any mention of it in the news even though television and newspapers gave extensive coverage to the clinic a few years ago when they claimed prolifers vandalized the inside of the clinic.