Subject: Fight fire with fire
From: DoctorDefense
Date: 1998/05/30
Newsgroups: talk.abortion

Several right-to-life activists, including Paul Hill himself, have gleefully predicted that his execution will precipitate a wave of attacks by right-to-life terrorists, and may motivate additional attacks far into the future. We (Doctor Defense) believe that if this occurs, the time will be ripe for a demonstration that right-to-lifers cannot wage war without also
suffering the consequences of war. The consequence of waging war is that people ON BOTH SIDES get killed without trials and that the innocent suffer with the guilty.

In his letter of December 22, 1997 to the third annual “White Rose Banquet”, Paul Jennings Hill admits that for a short time he refrained from murdering Dr. Britton, in order to protect his family from the consequences of his crime. Further, his letter suggests that a plausible threat to the safety of his family might have deterred him indefinitely. He writes:

>For months my wife had planned to take our children on a trip to
visit my parents and to take my son to summer camp. … All I
had to do was hide my[murderous] intentions from my wife for a
few days until she left. If I did not act [ie murder a doctor]
during her planned trip (since I could not have kept my feelings
from her for long) she would almost certainly develop suspicions
(Emphasis added. The complete text of Paul Hill’s letter can be found at

If the fear of implicating his wife in his crime would have spoiled Paul Hill’s plans, then surely the fear of exposing his entire family to the likelihood of violent death would have spoiled his plans even more thoroughly. Evidently, christian suicide-minded terrorists of Paul Hill’s type, people so intent on doing harm that they are willing to die in order to hurt others, can still be deterred from violence by a plausible threat to the safety of their families. Our goal should be to make such a threat plausible, and to make right-to-lifers everywhere aware that if they harm an abortion provider they will be placing their own children in harm’s way. The clearest and most effective way to accomplish this would be to answer each act of anti-abortion terror by making an example of the wife and children of a prominent right-to-life terrorist or pro-terrorist.

For the collective moral improvement of the right-to-life community, the family members of right-to-life terrorists ought to be granted the opportunity to die in order to discourage copycat terrorists in future. Greater safety for abortion providers and the patients they serve would justify the assassinations of the family members of right-to-life terrorists. Their assassinations would therefore not be murders, but justifiable homicides, provided they were carried out for the purpose of deterring further acts of violence against abortion providers.

We are aware that Karen, Justin, Gloria, and Joy Hill moved to Memphis after Paul Hill’s conviction. We expect shortly to learn their exact address, and we intend to make this information available to the public. Additionally, we are compiling a list of anti-abortion terrorists and pro-terrorists, together with their family members’ names and addresses at home, at work, and at school. We trust our readers to act with
forethought, discretion, and appropriate timing.

Here are the top ten fictional articles which we hope will resemble actual events in the future:

NUMBER TEN: Marjorie Bleed and family die in bombing

NUMBER NINE: Children of Michael and Jayne Prey massacred–guess why this one is number nine!

NUMBER EIGHT: He’s unwelcome in church so they got him at home: excommunicated priest David C. Tropf doused with CH3CH2CH2COOH

NUMBER SEVEN: Donald Stump and wife Thea shot in trailer home (8882 Shillelagh Road, Chesapeake, VA)

NUMBER SIX: “We have your parents. Surrender to the law or we will execute them,” kidnappers tell bombing suspect Eric Robert Rednose

NUMBER FIVE: Killing at Obsolete Dominion–Clark Ryan Mutton gunned down with wife (Patricia) and son (Junior)

NUMBER FOUR: Shelley Shannon dies in prison

NUMBER THREE: Karen Kill forced at gunpoint to eat the flesh of her children (Blister, Globula, and Boil)

NUMBER TWO: Jon Salvi smothers self in cell using shoelaces, cotten, and a plastic bag (oooops! not fictional)

… and the NUMBER ONE fictional article we hope will resemble an actual event in the future: Michael Hippogriff escapes, kills former mentor John Turd