Early on the morning of October 29th, 1990 as I, Jonah ben Noah, the Lord’s prophet and servant, lay on my bed a dream and a night vision entered my head. In this dream I and those with me were in a building someone had given us for the work, and I came in to the room with a message I had received from the Lord.

` I sat down on a couch in the dream, and my wife Marsha came and sat with me and I showed her the copy of the message. I saw it had a banner across the front page that was the color of bright red blood, and it had a white headline written in the red. I gave it to her to read and felt a great burden of sorrow at this that was written. Then I awoke suddenly, knowing what it said, but the sudden awakening took it from me momentarily.

I closed my eyes and prayed to God in Jesus’ name to show me all that was written, and the voice of the Lord God soon began to speak to me, and what He said brought tears of sorrow to my eyes and caused me to be wracked with grief for the truth of these things; NOW HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD AT MY MOUTH, AMERICA and learn to weep for shame. For even as I write am I weeping.

Thus saith the Lord to all in America, “I am the Lord God, and I do not change, neither has my holiness departed from me by reason of your modern times. Nor has the standard of righteouness for those people called by my name been changed to licenteousness and transgressing My laws and commandments. Hear, Oh America, the Word of the Lord to you, and see from where you have fallen in God’s glory. This nation was begotten and founded by My will, says the voice of God Almighty, I saw that men were as Nebuchadnezzar, to glory in what they had and to proclaim it as done by their will and might rather than by Me, the Lord God; I am He that plants and builds the kingdoms and nations, and He that plucks them up and casts them dowm at My will if they do evil in My sight. Then in the midst of this darkness of men’s pride and vanity, I heard the cries and prayers of a people who sought and desired a place and a country whose builder and maker was God.

They sought a place where they could serve and worship Me and teach their children My laws and commandments and the way of My Son. They did not desire the worship of idols and doctrines of men but desired the pure truth, My Holy Word, as their guide in the Way. I heard this people and set My heart to try them to see if their hearts were truly set to this in the midst of so much darkness and sin that surrounded them. These men and their wives and children left all, even as Abraham, not knowing exactly where they would end up. But having heard of a new land, they set forth to find a place to worship me freely, in Spirit and truth.

They braved long ocean voyages of storms and privations, with some suffering sickness and death because of their lack of knowledge; but their faith in me was great, and when they arrived I tested them mightily to see if they would hold fast their love for me.

Your forefathers did mightily stand in faith even unto death to show their commitment to having a land where God ruled in the earth again. They cried out to be free to worship God and even went to battle to serve me as their King. They cried out, “No King but King Jesus!” I could not believe it at first but then came the cry many times from many men and women. Oh what wonderous praise I heard in this. Finally a people who would return to God ruling as their King instead of men as they had seen Israel had done. My heart rejoiced in this people even though their faith and walk was imperfect and had been somewhat twisted by the false teachings of some. I knew I could bring them to be a great and mighty nation if they and their descendants would keep their trust in me.

They did not cross the oceans in your comfortable ships and ocean liners, nor in flying machines that cross the oceans in hours. They did not come to comfortable hotels and air conditioned buildings. They suffered many hardships and many died in taking and subdueing this land. Those who lived here at the time of their arrival were to be driven forth because of their many idolatries, and sorceries, and seeking unto familiar spirits, and their cruel violence to one another. They had many gods, even as those in the land of Canaan did, and so I gave their land to a people who desired a land to worship in Spirit and in truth, as their Saviour, My Son, had taught them.

Many times did I have to chastise them by my judgements when they would become proud. Yet I never forgot their fathers, and I loved them for their father’s sakes. I have dealt mercifully for the sake of those who first came to this land, because they came to a place I gave them, where they could teach and read My Word to their children at home, in their schools, or anywhere. They taught their children of Me in their schools, teaching them My Holy Word, and to pray to Me always, and to trust in Me. Their lives were centered on godliness and showing the love and righteousness of Christ in this land.

Even when evil men and wickedness came to the land, for the love of your forefathers and the sake of a land to be ruled by faith in Me, I withheld and sent messangers to smite them in their hearts and minds with conviction and fear of My judgements. Many were made weak and sick and died because they were no longer seeing and understanding the blood and body of Christ; but I brought the power of My Spirit upon them and revived them again and again for the sake of those who had cried and prayed for a land where the Lord was King and they were brothers and sisters and fellow servants of one another.

They wrote on their money that it was Me they trusted in, as a reminder to never put their trust in gold and silver but in the Almighty God of Heaven and Earth. Yet in such a short time have I seen you take the hopes and dreams of your forefathers and cast them into the dirt and trample them under foot as no more than the dung of the earth. How the mighty have fallen and the glory dimmed or departed from what was.

Because I have fulfilled the Word I spoke to Daniel, and increased knowledge, and men do run to and fro in the earth, you have become proud and stiffnecked in the works of your hands and think you are great and mighty because of them. You think you are rich by your own hands when it was My will that lifted this nation up to be great on the earth. But you have left that greatness by turning from the ways of your forefathers to do evil and commit sin and work abominations in your land.

You have cast out holiness and righteousness for wickedness and evil. The commandments that were so precious to your fathers have become abomination in your sight. My Word and My Way that was loved and honored in the beginning have become things to be abhorred by you.

Every man does that which is right in his own sight and the standards of My Word to you have been torn down or twisted and changed for your own comfort and ease in sin. You accept lies and deceit, rather than the Word and the Spirit as your guides. You hire and pay the false prophets, lying teachers, and wolves in sheep’s clothing as your pastors and teachers, to tickle your ears with lying vanities and to teach you that I accept and wink at sin. They say that My people must sin a little every day; they tell you what you pay them to say, for they are the sons of Balaam and you have become children of darkness and not light.

Because of your forefathers I withheld many times from destroying your nation, for there was always a remnant of the righteous, sufficient in number to cause Me to withhold by falling on their faces in humble repentance, and confession of their sins, and the sins of the nation. They did not harden their hearts, nor set their faces as flint in pride. For their sake I withheld and sent My Spirit to revive them and put them on the right path; but each time they allowed the enemy to divide them from the oneness of peace and love of each other by doctrines of devils and old wives’ fables.

And now I say to you America, look what you have become in comparison to what you were. You take pride in your great buildings and the works of your hands, but it is no different from the tower of Babel. You magnify yourselves, and your flag, that was a symbol of your desire to be free to worship Me in purity even at the cost of your own life’s blood, has become a symbol of idolatry in your land.

You have left the values and standards of your fathers to do evil in the land that they prayed and dreamed of as one nation under Me, the Lord God. See from where you have fallen in grace, truth, and righteousness. You no longer allow your children to hear My Word in your schools; neither do you teach nor allow them to pray unto Me that they may learn to trust and have faith in Me for all things. You have condoned and allowed idol worship and even worship of the evil one in your land. You condone those who mutter and peep into crystals and seek unto familiar spirits instead of seeking God or repentance. You murder and dismember the fruit of your own wombs and scream angrily for the right to do so, and you cast those who protest your bloody violence into jail. You work abominations and call good evil, and evil good, and persecute those who will live righteously and strive to cling to My laws and commandments as their guide and standard. You allow the sin and abomination of homosexuality and lesbianism as natural and acceptable, and you condone and allow fornication and adultery and do not punish nor cleanse your land of it. Drunkeness with wine and strong drink is allowed and you even draw money from it, and many are drunk without wine or strong drink but with the evil of your drugs.

They seek escape because you have stolen away their hope and faith by denying them My Word and prayer. You who say you are called by My Name, you live yet in sin and hypocrisy. You condone compromise and sin in the body. By your false doctrines and traditions of men you do make my commandments of no effect in the lives of the people. You are not the sons and daughters of God but have become children of the darkness, for you have built again the lives of sin you destroyed, making yourselves transgressors. You have returned as dogs to eat again of the vomit of your sins and wickedness. You have again dirtied that which was washed by the blood of Christ and the Word with lives of rebellious sin and disobedience. You have yielded yourselves as servants of sin unto death. You have used My Word for personal gain and prosperity instead of using it as a guide to your call to holiness and righteousness and a true love of your God. Your God has become your bellies, your physical appetites, your lusts of the flesh to gather material wealth for yourselves. Oh my people, how the mighty and holy have fallen from power and glory with God.

I have seen the corruption in your land and how you love and glorify violence and dishonesty in your land, and the entertainment of your land is filled with violence and the blood of the innocents. Your witches and worshippers of the darkness show how you have fallen, and how the salt has lost it’s savour, so it cannot preserve, nor purify, nor cleanse the wounds of sin by it’s presence. For the savour of My salt in you is righteousness; it is living and doing my commandments to preserve and purify by the fear of the Lord that your presence would bring. But because you have lost the righteousness in your land, and teach precepts of men over My law, you are good for nothing except to be cast out and trodden under foot of men.

Your wickedness is great in this land, for you have committed the sin of Adam in choosing to hear the voice of men over the voice and Word of God, and you add sin to sin from one end of the land to the other. I have sent this My prophet to warn you of these things, and many of you would not hear, and for this My anger was aroused against you. I smote your land with droughts, floods, earthquakes, hunger, poverty, and pestilence, and increased it even as I had said by My prophet, so you would know he spoke the truth, but you have hardened your hearts and denied Me and the final messanger I have sent you, America.

If not for those who did believe, and turned to godly repentance and clearing themselves of guilt, I would have fulfilled all of my Word already. But it is not enough to prevent the destruction, America; though there are a few, like Lot, preserving where they are and lessening the destruction slightly, I have set it in order and prepared all for the eagle’s destruction as I said.

My judgements are just and My ways righteousness. I ask again, America, which will you serve, mercy or destruction? What do you choose for your children, life and liberty in God’s law, or death, destruction, and captivity? Come and let us reason together for your father’s sakes and for their dreams of an holy nation. Have I not offered you mercy by love, and you thought it weakness and uncertainty? Have I not sent My spirit to bring you back to My laws and commandments, and you grieved and quenched His fire by stubborness and rebellion?

How long shall I suffer you America? Though I loved your fathers, I hate what you have done to their dreams and standards with your excuses of devils and compromise with darkness. I will go no more America, I have sent to you My prophet Jonah ben Noah as I have named him. Mercy son of destruction comes if you do not hear. For it is of necessity that my destruction beget mercy, so that mercy will rejoice against judgement in fulfillment of My word as I have said. At the instant that I shall plan to pluck up, cast out and utterly destroy the nation that does evil in My sight, if that nation shall repent and turn from evil to do righteousness, then shall I repent of the evil I intended upon them.

I have prepared for your destruction and am moving all to readiness. I see the darkness, abomination and evil of your deeds and thoughts, and I am about to write “Ichabod” upon America. You shall cease to be as a nation; your young warriors shall die horrible deaths in your sight; your children shall be dashed against the wall; your cities shall burn with fire, and the smoke shall rise up as a testimony to all on the earth of the righteous and just judgments of the Almighty.

If My glory departs from you, your gold and silver will not help you, and your munitions of war will not stand nor be strong enough. Your strenth shall be as nothing and your bellies draw up with fear and trembling for what comes.

Your wives and daughters shall be as whores and harlots to your enemies, and they shall ravage and grind upon them in your sight for hatred of you and your sinful and ungodly ways. I call you to repent, America, and to cleanse yourselves by the blood of the Lamb, the Saviour of the world and of all who believe unto righteous works as a seal of the righteousness they have by faith.I call to all of My people. Who is on the Lords side? Take the sword of the Spirit, even my Holy Word, and cleanse the house of God of all unrighteousness and sin. Cleanse the body of false prophets, sleeping dogs that cannot bark, lying pastors, slothful sheperds, lying teachers, and preachers of false doctrines of men and traditions of deceit. For I will come strongest against those who said they were of the body of Christ and knew the way of truth, yet did not do it. My law is holy, just, and good, and he that knows to do good and does it not, to him it is sin. You shall be beaten with many stripes, for you left the way of holiness to cling to the fashions of this world. You allowed sin to enter the land of your forefathers, and misused My grace as an excuse to sin, and made My law void by your false faith that is the way of darkness, and by unbelief in God’s holiness and righteousness.

Show me where I have not patiently and persistantly reached out to you to repent and return to the ancient ways wherein are the good ways as I said? Where have I been unjust in dealing with you with love and long suffering? Have I not filled your land with My Word, and you took it and rewrote it and changed it to comfort yourselves in your sins? Show me where I have been uncaring, unrighteous, and without love for your father’s sakes. You cannot, for I have shown you mercy where long before this you deserved destruction. Now I stand and say to you I will go no further with you America; I cry to you by the voice of this submitted vessel. REPENT AND RETURN TO RIGHTEOUSNESS, AMERICA, or I will depart from you for good, and I will send the evil I have promised. I am God and not man, and I do not lie,” says the voice of the Lord God Almighty.

“If you will not hear, then you may now put on sackcloth and cover yourselves in ashes, and sit in the dust in mourning, for I will now remove the presence of America as a nation from the earth, and if not for those who have turned from evil, I would utterly destroy all.

But I shall leave them as a remnant and a testimony to the earth and all the nations on it that the Lord God lives and rules the nations as He wills, and His judgements are just and righteous. They shall be ashamed even to say they were Americans if they do not repent, for their evil will a hissing shame to all who see.

No longer will they sing `God Bless America,’ because my curse will come upon them, and all nations will curse them as abomination if they do not turn; and the red, white, and blue shall become only red with the blood of the multitudes that perish in the land. Those who go into captivity shall never see this land again, and many shall see their children perish because they hardened their hearts and would not hear.

I have prepared my sword of judgement, Oh America. Shall I now draw it forth to loose it’s terrible lightnings, of which you are so fond of singing? Shall I loose my anger now upon you, you stiffnecked and hardhearted people? REPENT OR PERISH, Oh nation greatly fallen. Fall upon your faces in fear of My anger and judgements, for you have brought a reproach on My name, and destroyed the faith of many by your hypocrisy and compromise.

Hear me, you denominations of men, YOU HYPOCRITES: you are the modern day Pharisees; you are full of sin, and excess, and the bones of dead men who were once alive in Me, but turned to follow you and your deceit into Hell. Woe unto you that teach lies for hire and sell men’s souls for gain. I shall cut you asunder, and blot your names from My book if you do not repent and return to your first love of My Word, and the first works of willingly doing them for the sake of that love. By your sins and compromise you have made the blood of My Son to appear as though it were an unclean or unholy thing; and by reason of you, the way of truth and holiness is evil spoken of. Hyprocrites! You sons and daughters of poisonous serpents; so many of you have brought shame on the Word of truth by your own contending against it. You are carnally minded. Well is it written of you in my Word, “to be carnally minded is death, for the carnal mind is not subject to My law, neither indeed can it be.” Your eyes have become obscured and clouded by the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, and so the light that is in you is that great darkness of which I warned you. REPENT and cleanse yourselves of all uncleaness and filthiness of the flesh and spirit. REPENT of the leprosy of corruptions of sin in the body; pluck out the offending eye; cut off and cast out the offending hands and feet. Better for you to enter into life lacking them, than to be cast alive with them into Hell fire.

“Amen,” says God Almighty, the Lord of all Heaven and Earth. “I have spoken this, and will perform my judgements upon you if you do not repent and restore your nation to the dream of your forefathers . I give my prophet time and space to prepare and send forth this My Word to you, and for you to repent and cry before Me. If not, then I shall show you all these things are true. For My prophets hold the iron rod of My judgements, and wield them as I will, and not as man wills. As they say, so shall I do. For the spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets, and My true prophets are submitted to Me and My will, and so what they say and do, it is not them, but Me within them, who speaks and does the works.

The end of a nation is a sorrow to behold. Be as Ninevah, that I may turn and show mercy. Now learn a parable, America.”


There was a certain ruler who was King over a great and mighty Kingdom. And in this kingdom was a certain great house that the King had let out to a certain people that he loved very much because they had declared openly they wanted no other king but him to rule over them. Therefore he had given the great house into their care and had given them his rules for taking care of the great house. He had warned them not to let trash and garbage get built up in or around the great house because this would be a great hazard to cause a fire that would destroy the great house.

The people that the king put in charge as stewards of his great house, were glad at the first for the rules and warnings of the king, because they loved and appreciated the king for letting out the great house to them, for it was a beautiful house with an abundance of the king’s stores and supplies for all who lived in the great house, for he was a kind and beneficent ruler. He also appointed watchmen to watch to for the dangers of fire or an enemy coming in to attack and destroy the great house, so they could cry the alarm from their towers and warn the people. He also appointed others as firemen to put out any fires that might start and told all the people that it was always good if they helped the firemen in fighting fires by reporting any right away, and by keeping the great building free of trash and garbage, and by helping them to put the fires out.

These people the king loved began doing this gladly and did well for they had a pride in being stewards of the king’s great house. But as they died and left the care of the great house to their children, and their children to their children, a change took place in the people. Later generations began to think of the great house as belonging to them, rather than to the great king who truly owned it, and had just made them stewards over it. In many parts of the great house people began to try to convince each other there was no king, and in many parts of the great house the king’s rules for the greathouse were torn down completely or were ignored in part or all together. In other places, the kings rules were replaced with rules made by the people, who insisted their rules were more comfortable for them to do than the king’s rules. Or some took the king’s rules and changed and twisted them to to sounded different and mean other than the king intended.

Therefore, trash and garbage began to pile up and gather in heaps throughout the great building because the children were not doing as their fathers had done in keeping the great building clean. After seeing and hearing of these things, the king sent messengers to the people, who were the children of the people he loved, to warn them to clean the great house up and keep it as their fathers had done. But these children would not believe the king’s messengers and cast them out or would not allow them to cry the warning from their towers because they were not from their particular part of the great house.

Then one day, the king looked and saw the signs of a fire starting in different parts of the great house, so he called a messenger to him and said to him, “Go to this great house in my kingdom and warn the people of this fire, to get up and work together, as their fathers did, to put this fire out and clean up the trash that is causing it. For the watchmen are asleep and the firemen have left being alert and ready and being fully equipped with the equipment I gave their fathers. Take all this white hose and all this protective fire fighting equipment and clothes to them, for they seem to have lost or thrown out what I gave their fathers. Tell them to put out the fire and clean up the house or the king will take it from them and give it to others who will care for it as I say. If they do not and the house is destroyed, tell them I, the king, will come in great anger and will require at their hands the destruction of my great house that I gave to their fathers’ care and their care also to be faithful stewards.

So the messenger of the king came to the great house and saw all the trash and garbage piled about with smoke coming out of some of it showing the fire was already burning beneath. He went to the watchmen first to warn them to cry out the warning, but first, they would not accept he was a messenger of the king, or that what he said was from the king, because they judged what he said by the rules of the king they had twisted and changed.

Then, they would not accept the message from the king because they were too proud to admit they were not doing as well as their fathers had done, nor keeping the house as clean as their fathers had, and so they refused to let the king’s messenger cry the warning from their toweers that they kept so that he might warn the people.

The messenger then warned them of the king’s anger and wrath on those who did this to his messengers, but they, in their pride, did not care. Then the messenger went to the firemen and the people with them to tell them the king’s warning and to put out the fire and to clean up the cause for it. He brought all the white hose and protective equipment and clothing the king had given him to give to them, to fight the fire, to replace that they had lost or thrown away, which their fathers had given them.

But they began to argue among themselves, one fire station with another and against the messenger, saying, “No, we have red hose,” and another,”We have green or orange, which is better,”they said,”which we have made that will do better than the white hose and we don’t need all that equipment and clothing anyway.” They began arguing amongst themselves as to which fire station and equipment was better and whose hose was best as the fire grew worse.

Then the messenger, much saddened and astonished at such behaviour and unbelief in the face of a destroying fire, turned to the people of the great house, and began to try to warn them all, in the different parts of the great house, whether they lived near the tower or fire house or in the pile of trash and garbage, that they should fight the fire and clean up the house for it as the king had told him to do.

But some of those he warned already, in their pride and unbelief had decided it was easier to just believe the king had not sent this messenger, than to believe they had caused the trash and the fire and to put it out and clean up the great house. So some of them ran before the messenger and began telling people about him, that he was not really from the king at all but was really from the king’s enemy, so that they would turn the people from coming to hear the king’s message and his messenger and because they did this, they interfered with the saving of the king’s great house which was in his mighty kingdom.

This is the Word of the night vision’s message, as God has given it to me, Jonah ben Noah, and I so attest in my own hand. “May God have mercy on us all,” is still the offering of prayer, and “REPENT” the cry of the watchmen. Let all who receive the Word of God’s judgement deliver their own souls. His final warning went forth, and now He shows He has prepared it to be and to come to pass.

We have now come to the point of no return, we either turn or His glory departs, and His destruction comes. This is the Word of the Lord at my mouth for His mercy’s sake. In Jesus’ name, I exhort and adjure all in this nation to repent, confess, and be saved by the blood of Christ. Be born again as new creatures in God and Christ, be filled with the Spirit, and be sanctified by the washing of the water of the Word. By this Word I see America is about to fall, but do not stop until the end comes, or the until Lord says cease. Work while you have the light, for the hour of darkness comes when no man can work.

Woe to all who do not believe these things and woe to those whom they do not warn. As the Lord’s prophet, I say again, “CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY WHICH YOU WILL SERVE. WILL YOU SERVE GOD’S MERCY OR HIS DESTRUCTION?” Not to choose is to choose destruction. This is the message and question of God to America. I have delivered it to you and you may answer it as you will, I am free of it.

The commandments of the Lord as to Ezekiel 3:17-21 and Isaiah 58 :1 are the same with this message as is Jeremiah 36, by His commandment, you are set as a weeping watchman to cry aloud and spare not. Read this to as many as you can as Baruch did, and deliver your own soul. The watchman has cried , has sounded the alarm, if none took alarm, it is on their own head.