Vision of the Lord’s Destruction for America

On Feb. 28,1996, I, Noah received a dream of a night vision.

In this dream I was going through many towns and warning them. I remember one with big houses, very nice, (of a Prosperous sort,) where the people didn’t want to hear, or to listen. Then, it was later, and I and the others were moving quietly together with the purpose of getting to safety (let him who has ears, hear and understand), but felt as though capture by an enemy was around us, or near.

We then came to this town that I remembered, and were to go quickly through it. We looked ahead, and saw where the fire had destroyed many of the large, nice, houses. There were just burnt skeletal remains of the house’s frameworks. I saw off in a distance, that there were some houses untouched. It appeared as though the fire had destroyed to a certain point, and then stopped, or had been stopped.

The framework was still there in this one house we were passing by, but the framework was burnt through in a couple of small places or areas.

We were just looking at it with fear and surprise, as we kept moving in a line together, to get to the place of safety. I then Awoke. Thank you Lord for this dream of a night vision. In Jesus’ name please give me the interpretation of it all, Amen.

The Interpretation

The area in which I traveled was the country of America, and it’s cities and towns. I was warning the people of this nation to turn from their wicked and hypocritical ways to the Lord, as were others; but in many places, especially the most prosperous areas they would not listen, nor turn back to the right ways of their forefathers. They were too comfortable in their worldly prosperity, and didn’t want to do anything that might affect it.

Later, as I was walking in a straight line with others, we came to this town we had warned. (Though we all walked in a line, it was as though none were really leading among us, but that we all just walked together, and were guided in the way to go, so it did not matter which of us were in the front, middle, or in back, we were all together in the journey.)

There was a sense of, though we were moving free, we were captured by what we had to do, and had done, and so, now we moved, and saw, the results of all of it. We were moving quietly now. There was no more need to warn, for the answer, and the results were here

Suddenly, we saw the area that was burned , and were afraid, or awed, by the destruction of the outside of the houses, but that the framework was left almost whole was good. (Though the destruction was terrible to behold.) Those parts burned through were the parts that were wrong in the original framework of the house. (Having ears to hear, understand this.) That the fire had gone only so far, and then stopped, or was stopped, is God showing us that we still have a chance to save some of what He has blessed us with; but that he will punish us for our sins(as a nation), and we are to receive it with quiet sorrow and repentance for what we have caused.

That I saw a Part Untouched by fire is conditional on what we do now, as a people fallen from God’s Grace. There is a chance to save much, and still have the foundation framework, IF we will turn from our sinful excesses and wicked disobedience, and truly seek God’s face for mercy, then He will not destroy it utterly; but He shall chastise, and destroy, of that and those who refuse to turn, but rather cling to their poverty of Prosperity.


Thus saith the Lord,” I, the Lord have shown these things to my servant, Noah; that all may know my mercy is great. Because you of this nation have chosen to corrupt your ways, I shall corrupt your house with my destruction, and smite your beauties, with my broom of righteous judgment sweeping across your land. For the sake of your forefathers, I will not destroy utterly, IF you will turn, and seek my face in sorrow, and If your will hear my voice, and obey my word with love, THEN I will only smite in part to chastise you for your evil and corrupt ways in this land I have given to your fathers before you. Know of a certainty, That as surely as you have seen My many judgments on your land, as spoken by MY prophets, you shall also see my judgment that destroys in part, or in full , if you do not hear.”

“Are you so foolish as to think it is not My hand that has sent the droughts, the floods, the earthquakes, the fires, the pestilence and plagues, the hurricanes and tornadoes, the scorching heat, and the freezing cold, the erupting volcanoes, and more, and then it increased to become worse and worse?”

“Fools speak of it being mother nature. Your mother is to be of a nature of unbelief. It is I, the Lord God, who have created all these things, and I who commanded them to smite you in your wicked works, and abominations. I know your hearts are harder than stone, to be proud of your slavery to evil, but I speak against your permissive pride, so that none can say, God did not give us a chance. IF you turn, THEN stop from utter destruction, but only chastise severely, and you shall have the founding framework, with the errors destroyed to rebuild, and to serve on.”

“If you do not, then, as I have said, I shall destroy all, and leave only the righteous remnant as a testimony to all nations of the might, and the power of God’s judgment against wicked nations that do not heed My call to repentance. You shall join the others who also were so foolish. I know your foolish hearts. You shall look on the messenger, and not the message. You shall try to see the natural, rather than the glory of your creator. Only a fool would wonder at the shape, or color of the door, when the whole house can be destroyed.”

Thus saith the Lord, “I am God, and Jesus is My Son! There is no other way! All else are of the thieves and robbers you were warned of. Turn in repentance to this way, and walk in My Word. Love My Commandments, do the Word to completion. Sure the time draws near to an end, and I shall perform it, it is now in the hands of those who will bear the full savor of salt.”

Amen, even so Lord God almighty, in Jesus’ name, Amen. Your judgments are just, and your ways Truth and Righteousness. This is the Word of the Lord at my mouth, and I so attest to it in Jesus’ holy name. Know this also, that as the Lord spoke, I felt, very strongly, that he didn’t think any of you would be wise enough to do what He has said, but would rather, just argue among yourselves, or just attack, and deny the messenger, to justify yourselves. I hope, and, pray that this will not be so , but if it is let all know of a surety, that the watchman has been faithful to cry aloud, and spare not. If you do not take alarm and act in haste to true repentance, with the fruit thereof, then let all know, your blood is on your own head, and the blood of all those you did not share this with is on your head also, (and I am free of it).), for by the command of the Lord, each who hears, or reads this is set as a watchmen to the warning on, as it is written in Is. 58:1 and Ezek. 3, and you are now as Baruch in Jeremiah 36. I am shut from telling everyone you can, so read this in their ears, and deliver your own soul. This is the commandment of the Lord. Not to do so is sin, and the avenger shall mark it to your account. Let them who have ears to hear, hear and understand what the Lord says to all in America. He plainly says now, that whether you repent, or whether you do not repent, He is surely going to destroy America, either in part, or utterly. Which of the two is for you to decide and choose. If you do not believe I point you to 2 Kings and King Josiah, that you may know the truth of these things. You may yet save the original framework, it is in your hands. Is it so that you will destroy yourselves with your unbelief? I am the Lord’s servant, and prophet, and your servant for Christ’s sake. If you desire copies of a tape of this or other prophecies on this page write to the address shown below.