Slain by Choice

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The slain women listed below are only the ones that are known as of this posting.  Most women killed by abortionists are hidden from the public by disguising the cause of death. Abortion will never be “safe.”

It is of noteworthy that some of these “doctors” are multiple killers. Edward Allred has three kills  to his name, and now is killing in the state of Pennsylvania. Often an abortionist will lose his  medical license in one state, and simply move to another and continue his or her grisly practice.

Also – keep in mind this list does not include those women who were physically injured by abortionists, and are still suffering today. Some of these women can no longer have children because of their “Choice.”






Place of Death

Abortionist / Murderer

Source of Information

Eunice Agbagaa 26 Black 1/15/89 Brooklyn, NY Abram Zelikman NY Daily News 1/16/89
Mickey Apodaca 29 Hispanic 4/11/84 El Paso, TX Raymond Showery Des Moines Register 5/5/84
Gloria Apont 20 Hispanic 4/29/86 Stanford, CT Hanan Rotem Associated Press, 11/22/89
Jackie Bailey 29 Black 12/3/77 Los Angeles, CA C. Eboreime LA Coroner Report X77-14563
Myrta Baptiste 26 Hispanic 12/18/82 Miami, FL Unknown Miami Herald, 1/5/83
Brenda Benton 36 Black 4/20/87 Chicago, IL Susan Zivkovic Cook Co. Court #89L 2906
Janet Lally Blaum 37 White 3/11/74 New Orleans, LA Sidney Knight Jefferson Parish Ct #168-162
Cassandra Blevins 20 Black 8/18/71 Los Angeles, CA Unknown LA Coroner Report *71-10001
Diane Boyd 19 Black 10/23/81 St, Louis, MO Robert Crist St. Louis Court #812-11077
Dorothy Brown 37 Black 8/16/74 Chicago, IL Unknown Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/78
Belinda Byrd 37 Black 1/27/87 Los Angeles, CA Stephen Pine LA Co. Sup. Ct. #SWC 90298
Maria Cardemone 18 White 8/16/89 Pittsburgh, PA Unknown Pittsburgh Press 9/26/91
Geneva Calton 23 White 7/18/79 Atlanta, GA Unknown NRL News, Oct’79, pg 11
Teresa Causey 17 Black 12/3/88 Macon, GA Joe McDaniel Macon Telegraph 12/15/88
Patricia Chacon 16 Hispanic 3/3/84 Los Angeles, CA Edward Allred LA Coroner Case #84-2948
Sandra Chimiel 35 White 6/3/75 Chicago, IL Unknown Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/78
Lilina Cortez 22 Hispanic 9/25/86 Los Angeles, CA Leo Kenneally LA Herald-Examiner 2/22/88
Twila Coulter 21 White 11/15/72 Los Angeles, CA Unknown LA County Coroner #7212165
Betty Jane Damato 26 White 2/25/80 Denver, CO James Franklin Denver Post 5/22/81
Angel Dardie 22 Black 8/3/82 Detroit, Ml Youl Choi Wayne Cty. Ckt Ct #84-423794-NM
Barbalee Davis 18 White 6/14/77 Granite City, IL Hector Zevallos Chicago Tribune 8/31/77
Glenda Davis ? Unk. 3/14/89 Houston, TX Robert Hanson Harris Co. Court #8928771
Margaret Davis 33 Black 7/15/72 Los Angeles, CA Christopher Dotson LA Co Coroner #72-7646
Marina DeChapell 33 Black 8/17/78 Miami, FL Eduardo Elias Miami Herald 8/18/78
Synthia Dennard 24 Black 9/7/89 Chicago, IL lnno Obasi Cook Co. Court #89L13692
Lanice Dorsey 17 Black  12/6/86 Cyprus, CA Kenneth White Orange Co. Court #510415
Anjelica Duane 21 Hispanic 10/30/91 Las Vegas, NV Larry Thompson LasVegas Review 11/2/91
Evelyn Dudley 38 Unk 3/16/73 Chicago, IL Unknown Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/91
Sherry Emry 28 White 1/2/78 Chicago, IL Arnold Bickham Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/78
Geogianna English 32 Unk. 1980 Washington, DC Milan Vuitch Washington Times 4/19/84
Gladyss Estanisiano 28 Hispanic 1980 Bethesda, MD Alan Ross The Wanderer 12/5/91
Ema Fisher 18 Black 3/10/88 Kansas City, KS Dennis Miller Kansas City Star, 6/3/90
Sharon Floyd 18 Black 4/28/75 Chicago, IL Samuel Edwards Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/78
Linda Fondren 21 Black 1/20/74 Chicago, IL M. Pourtabib Chicago Sun Times 11/10/78
Christelia Forte 15 Black 1/14/86 Detroit, MI Unknown Burnadette Technical Bull, 11/89
Janet Faster 18 Black 9/15/71 Los Angeles, CA Richard Neal LA County Coroner 971-9846
Glenda Jean Fox 17 White 1/19/89 Rochester, NY Morris Wortman Bernadette Technical, 3/1 990
Josefina Garria 37 Asian 5/23/85 Los Angeles, CA Unknown S. LA County Court#SOC822220
Kathleen Gilbert 29 White 5/85 Lincolnwood, IL David Turow Cook Ga. Court #85L-1 0455
Maria Gomez 29 Hispanic 5/4/76 Compton, CA John Blodgett LA County Coroner 976-5654
Doris Grant 32 Black 2/l5/71 Los Angeles, CA W.W. Williams LA County Coroner #71-1975
Debra Gray 34 Black 7/15/89 Suitland, MD Gideon M. Kioko Washington Post 8/13/90
Arnetta Hardaway ? Unk 12/24/85 Atlanta, GA Unknown American Rights Coalition
Wilma Harris 32 Black 6/20/74 Washington, DC Milan Vuitch DC Circuit Court #75-1156
Sheila Hebert 27 White 6/6/86 Baton Rouge, LA Unknown State Times Advocate 7/7/86
Donna Heim 20 White 8/14/86 Los Angeles, CA Mahlon Cannon LA Herald-Examiner 2/22/88
Inez Herron 26 Hispanic 11/3/83 Bakersfield, CA Unknown NRL News, 10/23/86
Betty Hines 21 Black 7/21/71 Los Angeles, CA A. Mitchell LA County Coroner #71-7752
Denise Holmes 24 White 12/21/70 Los Angeles, CA Edward Alfred LA Co. Coroner #70-13367
Patricia King 24 Black 5/4/87 Tulsa, OK Dean Diment Tulsa Tribune, 7/13/87
Darlene Knox ? Unk. 3/28/86 Chicago, IL Unknown American Rights Coalition
Sara Lint 22 White 8/12/70 Los Angeles, CA Unknown LA County Coroner #708468
Cora Mae Lewis 23 Black 12/3/83 Los Angeles, CA Unknown LA County Coroner #8315079
Deborah Lozinski 17 White 6/14/85 Woodbridge, NJ Unknown Middlesex City- Sup. Ct. #L-054832-85
Dawn Mack 21 White 8/3/91 New York, NY Unknown New York Post Aug, 1991
Michelle Madden 18 White 11/22/86 Mobile, AL O. B. Evan Mobile Press Register 6/16/91
Sharon Margrove 25 White 5/21/70 Long Beach, CA Unknown LA Co. Death Certi. #70-1591
Sophie McCoy 17 White 9/29/90 New York, NY Abu Hayat New York Times 11/91
Rita McDowell 16 Black 3/8/75 Washington, DC Robert Sherman New York Times 10/6/82
Lynn McNair 24 Black Unk New York, NY L. Rubin NY Supreme Court #449281
Dawn Mendoza 28 Hispanic 6/29/88 Dobbs Ferry, NY L. Rubin New York Post, 7/4/89
Natalie Meyers 16 White 10/27/72 Los Angeles, CA Unknown LA Co. Coroner #72-11445
Sandra Milton 28 White 4/27/90 Toledo, OH Carl Armstrong Columbus Dispatch 5/23/90
Mitsue Mohar 31 Asian 9/10/75 Los Angeles, CA R. Baca LA County Coroner #7510935
Rosie Montero 23 Hispanic 8/7/79 Miami, FL Unknown Miami Herald 1/5/83
Denise Montoya 15 Hispanic 5/29/88 Houston, TX Douglas Karpen Harris Co, CT. #89-16747
Beverly Moore 15 Black 7/11/75 Chattanooga, TN Tucky Hayes Arr.- Rights Coal. News, 9/89
Sylvia Moore 18 Unknown 12/31/86 Chicago, IL Arnold Bickham Cook Co. Court #87L 15971
Maria Morales 25 Hispanic 5/8/81 Miami, FL Unknown Miami Herald 1/5/83
Katherine Morse 20 White 9/3/72 Los Angeles, CA John DuPoit LA County Coroner #729587
Kathy Murphy 17 Black 9/8/73 Los Angeles, CA John DuPont LA County Coroner #7314676
Dorothy Muzorewa 25 Black 8/23/74 Lincolnwood, IL David Turow Chicago Sun-Times 11/9/78
Joyce Ortenzio 32 White 8/8/88 Los Angeles, CA Ruben Marrnet LA Co. Sup. Ct #WEC139590
Linda Padfield 28 Black 6/18/73 Rapid City, SD Benjamin Munson Minn. Tribune 10/21/77
Shirley Payne 33 White 1/4/83 Miami, FL Unknown Miami Herald 1/5/83
Mary Pena 43 Hispanic 12/16/86 Los Angeles, CA Edward Allred LA Co. Coroner #84-16016
Catherine Pierce 27 White 10/10/89 Atlanta, GA Daniel McBrayer Atlanta Journal, 1/5/90
Dawn Ravenell 13 Black 2/11/85 New York, NY Unknown New York Post 12/11/90
Gwendolyn Ray-Yarbour ? White 6/6/92 Portland, OR George Kabacy OR Death Cert. #116382
Erica Richardson 16 Black 3/1/89 Cheltenham, MD B. Laurel Pr. George (MD) Journal 5/30/90
Magdalena Rodreguez ? Hispanic 12/8/94 San Ysidro, CA Suresh Gandotra San Diego Union Tribune 12/9/95
Julia Rogers 20 White 3/28/73 Chicago, IL Unknown Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/78 La Sandra
Ross 19 Black 12/15/71 Los Angeles, CA Unknown American Rights Coalition
Stacy Ruckman 23 Black 2/20/88 St. Louis, MO Scott Barrett Green Cty Ct. #CV188675CC2
Angela Sanchez 27 Hispanic 1/13/93 Santa Ana, CA Alicia Ruiz Hanna Orange Go. Register 11/30/94
Angela Satterfield 23 White 10/15/90 Tulsa, OK Dean Diment American Rights Coalition
Angela Scott 19 Unkown 6/11/79 Atlanta, GA Unknown NRL News, Sept/Oct. 1979
Giona Small 34 White 3/7/78 Orlando, FL Ronald Tauber Orlando Sentinel St 4/20/78
Diane Smith 23 Black 9/11/76 Chicago, IL Unknown Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/78
Margaret Smith 25 Unk 6/16/71 Buffalo, NY Jesse Ketchum Ket v Ward, 422 F.S.934 ’76
Laura Sorrels 30 White 9/6/88 Los Angeles, CA Unknown    LA County Coroner #8807800
Maria Soto 32 Hispanic 9/9/85 Los Angeles, CA Unknown LA County Coroner #8511579
Jennifer Suddeth 17 White 6/30/82 Los Angeles, CA Frank Robinson LA County Coroner #828251
Tami Suematsu 19 Asian 8/19/88 Los Angeles, CA Vern Wagner Riverside Co. Coroner #064442
Yvonne Tanner 22 Black 8/14/84 Los Angeles, CA Stephen Pine LA Co. Sup. Court #C-555261
Michelle Thames ? Black 9/19/87 Los Angeles, CA Unknown LA Herald Examiner 2/22/88
Ingrid Thomas 28 Black 8/1/91 Farmington, IL Kanu Virani Michigan Health Dept. #0548962
Magnolia Thomas 35 Black 2/19/86 Chicago, IL Rudolph Moragne Cook Co. Court #86-L-18707
Marlene Thomas 18 Unk. 7/21/70 Los Angeles, CA Unknown American Rights Coalition
Elizabeth Tsuji 21 Asian 2/2/78 Los Angeles, CA A. Jurewitz LA County Death Cert.
Cheryl Tubbs 29 White 8/8/75 Los Angeles, CA R. Mitchell LA County Coroner #75-9493
Latachie Veal 17 Black 11/2/91 Chicago, IL Robert Crist Pro-Life Action League
Gail Ann Vroman 20 Unk. 7/18/79 Fort Wayne, IN Taksin Rataharathom Ft. Wayne Journal 7/20/79
Lynette Wallace 22 Black 9/27/75 Los Angeles, CA Unknown LA County Coroner #7511665
Diane Watson 27 Black 8/29/87 Chicago, IL Rudolf   Moragne Cook Co. Court #87L24404
Robin Wells 27 Black 7/25/81 Akron, OH R. Gaujean Summit Cty. Ct #CV 8241036
Eliza White 21 Black 4/23/87 Chicago, IL Unknown American Rights Coalition
Ellen Williams 38 Black 3/6/85 Miami, FL Chatoor Singh Dade Co. Court #85-14112
Carole Wingo 22 Black 7/22//74 Detroit, MI Unknown Detroit News 8/31/74
Jane Roe #1     7/18/79 Fort Wayne, IN Unknown News-Sentinel 8/8/79
Jane Roe #2     12/11/75 Boston, MA Unknown New England Journal of Med. 4/1/76
Jane Roe #3     6/29/88 Bronx, NY Unknown The Wanderer 6/29/88
Jane Roe #4     12/8/88 Manhattan, NY Unknown ALL About Issues , 1/90
Jane Roe #5     4/1/78 TN Unknown American Journal of OB/GYN 7/79
Jane Roe #6     11/15/72 Los Angeles, CA Unknown Amer Journ of OS/GYN 8/73
Jane Roe #7     7/18/76 Chicago, IL Unknown Chicago Sun-Times 11/19178
Jane Roe #8     10/14/75 Springfield, IL Unknown Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/78
Jane Roe #9     7/29/75 Champaign IL Unknown Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/78 8
Jane Roe #10     11/24/77 Chicago, IL Unknown Chicago Sun-Times 11/19/7
Jane Roe #11     1986 Newark, NJ Unknown Newark Star 2/12/87
Jane Roe #12     1986 Newark, NJ Unknown Newark Star 2/12/87
Jane Roe #13     1980 Miami, FL Unknown Miami Herald 9/17/89
Jane Roe #14     1983 Miami, FL Unknown Miami Herald 9/17/89
Jane Roe #15     1985 Newark, NJ E Wyman Garrett Newark Star Ledger 2/1/87
Jane Roe #16 30 Unk. 3/86 Newark, NJ E Wyman Garrett Newark Star Ledger 2/l/87
Jane Roe #17 (“Patient E”)     12/3/89 New York, NY Andre Nehorayoff NY Ofc of Professional Disc
Jane Roe #18 (‘Patient F’)     12/15/89 New York, NY Andre Nehorayoff Comm’s. Order #12342



Jane Roes #’s 19-22 [A] Various 1975-76 Various Various Am. Journ of OB/GYN 2/1/77Jane Roes #’s 23-30 [B] Various 1977-78 Various Various Am Journ of OB/GYN 9/15/178

Jane Roes #’s 31-32 [C] Various 1975-76 Various Various Morb Mort Wkly Rpt 3/4/77

Jane Roes #’s 33-36 [D] Various 1973-74 Various Various Morb Mort Wkly Rpt. 3/4/77

Jane Roes #’s 37-68 [E] Various 1970-72 NY, NY Various American Journal of OB/GYN 3/74

NOTES. The ‘Jane Roe’ cases in the above table are entirely separate and distinct cases from those named legal abortion deaths listed above

Documentation for these cases is provided below

(A) These four “Jane Roes” were prostaglandin abortion deaths documented by Willard Cates, M.D., and David Grimes, M.D., in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology February 1, 1977

(B) These eight “Jane Roes” were abortion embolism deaths documented by Willard Cates M D Ann Marie Kimball, M.D., and Alton Hallum, M.D., American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. September 5,1978

(C) These two “Jane Roes” were killed by vacuum abortions of ectopic pregnancies, as documented by trie Centers for Disease Control in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report , March 4, 1977

(D) These four “Jane Roes” were reported by Matthew Bulfin in a talk entitled “Deaths and Near Deaths With Legal Abortions” at an obstetdcs/gynecology convention in FL in May of 1975.

(E] These 32 “Jane Roes’ were reported by the New York City Coroner’s Office in the time period July 1, 1970 to June 30i 1972 (two years) in New York City alone These were written up by Gary S Berger, MD.. Christopher Tietze, M.D., Jean Pakter, M.D., and Selig H- Katz, M.D., “Maternal Mortality Associated with Legal Abortion in New York State: July 1, 1970 – June 30, 1972 ” Amencan Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, March 1974, pages 315 to 325.